Finds Out the Truth with a Criminal Background Check Finds Out the Truth with a Criminal Background Check

Crime is running rampant these days. Thefts, vandalism, and violent crimes are certainly on the rise. If past trends are any indication, they’re only going to become more prevalent moving forward. On the surface, individuals can never quite be sure of what the people they meet or consider for employment may be up to in their spare time.

Understanding What One is Up Against

At present, certain reports show that about 33 percent of America’s adult population now has some sort of criminal record. Some are physical crimes whereas others are virtual infractions. In some cases, those who have been convicted of crimes continue to break the law rather than learning from the past, as one will see when they read this.

Having said that, quite a few people with criminal histories simply suffered from minor lapses in judgment during their younger years. Some were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Others are truly innocent, but circumstances and their peers decided otherwise in a court of law, according to  

Taking the Guesswork Out of the Equation

Virtually all employment applications ask job candidates if they’ve been convicted of a crime. Of course, applicants can easily check the “no” box no matter what their backgrounds may be. In other instances, people may wonder about the folks they’re talking to online or in person. Some are even bold enough to ask new acquaintances and potential romantic interests if they’ve ever committed a crime. Again, lying is a fairly simple feat for many people these days. With an estimated one in three Americans currently holding some type of criminal record, the number of people who say they don’t have a criminal history just doesn’t add up.

Fortunately, companies like Checkr can help take the guesswork out of the equation. They provide ways for employers to perform thorough background checks on their own. This allows them to protect their companies, employees, and customers from unnecessary risks. 

What Are the Most Common Types of Crimes

Based on a recent report, theft is the most common crime in America. From jewelry and electronics to license plates and vehicles, a significant number of people with criminal backgrounds take what want even though it isn’t theirs to have. The costs of those crimes can truly add up for the victims. Burglaries are also becoming ever more widespread. As opposed to basic theft, these crimes generally involve breaking and entering or the use of weapons.

Of course, cybercrimes can’t be overlooked. These include fraud, identity theft, and theft of intellectual property to name a few categories. Assaults remain prevalent as well. At the same time, drug-related offenses are increasingly common. As noted in a recent write-up entitled 13 Best Background Check Sites and Services: Search Criminal Records Online, though, determining which acquaintances or potential new hires have a history of wrongdoing isn’t overly difficult.

All Things Considered

People are often dishonest about their past. It’s not always possible to look into someone’s eyes and determine if they’re lying about not having a criminal record. One can, however, count on the right tools to give them access to the nation’s criminal database and provide valuable insight into the truth.

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