Passionate mom creates new children’s book aiming to inspire self-love and confidence in little girls

“The Reason She Has Sparkles” by Melody Goliday looks forward to building the confidence of little girls and reminding them of their worth and to let nothing dim their sparkles.

Severn, Maryland – July 26, 2021 – Every little girl is special in her own way and deserves to shine. However,  sometimes, they are not aware of their sparkles which could deter them from their path to self-love . But a new children’s book, “The Reason She Has Sparkles‘ ‘, aims to change that by reminding little queens of the rightful crowns that make them special in their own way. The book is written by a passionate mom-turned-author, Melody Goliday. 

Melody is a mom that believes “if you can see it, you can be it. But the person you must see first is oneself.” This book aspires to instill self-love and confidence in young girls of the African American culture as they march ahead in their journey of life. 

“The Reason She Has Sparkles” is released by Children’s Book of Lovee

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“It’s a great moment for me to share the news of the release of my new book ‘The Reason She Has Sparkles’. It’s my debut book as a first-time children’s book author and hence extremely special. This book has been created to build confidence and self-love within the younger generation which is extremely necessary for the overall growth of a child.  I hope  the book will inspire little girls to always believe that they are special no matter what”, stated Melody.  

“The Reason She Has Sparkles” is different from other children’s books because it provides affirmations. It also reassures children that it is okay to be different; you still have a sparkle that shines. It is not just another children’s book but comes with words that will resonate with your little brown girl forever.  Melody said, the little princess on the cover page is to remind readers of their own sparkle and royalty. The pages of the book are filled with many amazing illustrations done by the very talented Antonella Cammarano. 

While asked about the inspiration behind the book, Melody mentioned her desire to find a book that would help to instill self-love to her 6-year old daughter. She realized there is a serious lack of self-love books for kids in the African American community. While learning that the value of self-love is priceless, the  passionate mother was inspired to write a book all by herself. And, thus, “The Reason She Has Sparkles” was born. 

“As parents, we want our kids to grow up into successful individuals. But, to be successful, one needs to develop a certain level of confidence and self-worth which is not possible without the power of self-love. I don’t remember books that instilled self-love as I was growing up; unfortunately, there is still a serious lack of such motivational books for children. And that inspired me to create my own book that will encourage my 6-year-old daughter and little girls like her to love themselves and believe in their sparkles. I believe my book will help children to develop self-esteem and self-love during many stages in their childhood.” 

About the author

Based in Severn, Maryland, Melody Goliday is a happy mom of a 6-year-old daughter named Ariane, and a first-time author of a newly released children’s book “The Reason She Has Sparkles”. Melody has always loved to express herself through writing. She is very passionate about setting an example for her daughter with hopes to inspire little Ariane, and all young girls like her to be confident, loving, knowing their worth, and always be the best version of themselves as they grow up. 

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