Seamlessly Convert the Bathtub Into a Walk-in Shower with The TubcuT®

With accessibility in mind, The TubcuT® provides independence and dignity in the bath.

Homes are built to be lived for a long time. However, most do not cater the needs of people once they grow old. Although accessibility plays a huge role in this, it is often overlooked when planning out and choosing furniture and fixtures at home.

Take the bathroom, for example. An ederly person or someone suffering from health and mobility issues could easily slip and fall over the tub if left unattended. This can even result in serious injuries if not prevented. Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem. While most people would think it is impossible and inconvenient to modify fixtures like bathtubs, The TubcuT® proves them wrong.

Getting in and out of a bathtub can be challenging, even for the average person. The risk of slipping is always there, so imagine how difficult it might be for the elderly and those with injury and health conditions. Now, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation, The TubcuT® allows the easy conversion of one’s tub into a walk-in shower in just a single day. In addition to that, customers would actually save, on average, 90% of replacement costs. How is this possible? Well, The TubcuT® does not require any plumbing and demolition, and creates little to no disruption or mess.

Designed to improve accessibility, reduce accidents, and help people remain in their homes longer, The TubcuT® is customized to fit the tub, which creates a seamless and professional factory appearance unlike those bulky plastic inserts or caps. Customers are also consulted regarding their preferred spot for the opening, how wide and low it should be, and if they want additional installations like shower doors.

Similar to a typical shower pan, The TubcuT® threshold is around 4” above the floor, which provides more accessibility and safety to anyone using the bathtub. “Why climb over your tub when you can walk through it?” says the team behind TubcuT®. To add to its many features, The TubcuT® is also the only tub to shower conversion that is reversible. This is why it is best to save the cutout section of the tub, so that it can be conveniently brought back to its original condition if needed.

For the elderly, accident victims, people with health and mobility issues, chronic pain, knee or hip replacements, and neuromuscular disease, The TubcuT® is more than just a product. It provides them the keys to independence and dignity – helping them maintain a good quality of life.

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About The TubcuT®

The TubcuT® is an adaptive tub conversion that is only available in the US through Certified TubcuT® Installers. For over 25 years, it has been improving accessibility and helping people regain their independence and dignity when bathing at home.

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