EPP Well Solutions Introduces the Only Solution to Stop Well Over-Pumping

EPP Well Solutions Introduces the Only Solution to Stop Well Over-Pumping

EPP Well Solutions becomes the only system in the market to provide the solution to well over pumping. Over-pumping is a frequent cause of premature well failure. The options for well water recovery have been inefficient or archaic until now. The EPP Well Solutions is the first company to offer an affordable high-tech system with patented technologies to effectively manipulate and maximize well water for homeowners with wells.

The system, which uses high-tech sensors to measure the available amount of water in the well at any given time, will automatically shut off the well when the water levels become low. This will leave some water in the well to prevent over pumping.

As a fully automated system, homeowners will not need to adjust any timers. The system will automatically harvest the most amount of water while protecting a well. It also runs seasonal optimizations four times a year to learn the changes in the water tables, as well as the changing seasons. It not only protects a well from over pumping, but also harvests at maximum efficiency to recover the most water that the well can produce.

‘‘We bought our place with claims of adequate water, only to find production at .5 GPM and a constant water shortage. The initial system was always inadequate, but with the EPP Well System and an increase in storage, we have plenty of water for two homes. The system works very well and has taken a great deal of anxiety away in dealing with a low yield well. I never have to worry about water now.” Says Dan M, a satisfied client from Washington.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, www.eppwellsolutions.com

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