AC Units Need to Be Replaced Under Certain Conditions

Replacing an air conditioner can be a significant investment, which means it’s important not to make the decision lightly. While air conditioners are designed to run for years, they all reach a point where they’re so worn out that replacement makes more sense than repair. Here are a few conditions under which an AC unit should be replaced.

Advanced Age

In harsh climates, even well-maintained units won’t last more than a decade. If your home’s air conditioning unit is approaching such an age, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Today’s AC units are more efficient and can solve most age-related issues. For instance, aging units can decrease the quality of indoor air, provide inconsistent cooling, and become more likely to fail. Paying for frequent repairs is usually a bad investment compared to the cost of a new, efficient unit.

Odd Noises

While some sounds, such as whistles or pops, are common, other noises may indicate serious issues. If you hear one or more of these sounds while your unit is running, call us right away.

  • Grinding

  • Squealing

  • Scraping

  • Banging and popping

These sounds all indicate problems with important components such as the blower, condenser coil, and compressor. Excess debris and low refrigerant may also cause recurring, loud noises. Visit to learn more about these signs and how they can affect your system’s longevity.

Bad Smells

A functional air conditioning unit should emit neutral-smelling, clean air. Smoky or foul smells might show that the unit’s wiring insulation is burned, and musty odors may indicate the growth of mildew and mold. If there are burning smells coming from your unit, it’s probably about to fail. To avoid costly and dangerous breakdowns, replace the unit right away.

High Utility Bills

Are your bills climbing with no corresponding increase in usage? An old, outdated air conditioning unit may cause these problems. Older units must work harder to cool a home, using more energy and raising your bill. Furthermore, older units often struggle to cool a home consistently. This leads to lower settings on the thermostat, and higher numbers on your monthly power bill.

Expensive, Frequent Repairs

With older air conditioning units, it may seem as though repairs are constant. If you’re scheduling repairs on a regular basis, it may make sense to determine whether these repairs are working. If your AC requires major repairs or new parts and it’s out of warranty, the cost may be equal to that of a new unit.

Use of R-22 Refrigerant

Most HVAC systems use either R-410A (Puron), or R-22 (Freon). R-22 was banned back in 2010, and it’s no longer produced or imported. Today’s air conditioning units use the eco-friendlier R-410A. If your current unit uses the older refrigerant, consider an upgrade to a newer unit. Our experts can tell you which type of refrigerant your unit uses.

Your Next Steps

If your home’s HVAC system shows any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a replacement. At Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air, we’ve been in the business of air conditioning upgrades for years. Visit us online at to request more information or call today to set up an evaluation.

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