Property Owners Learn How to Prevent Electrical Fires

Most homeowners give little thought to protecting their houses against electrical fires, but that’s a mistake. Once fires start, they can cause severe damage and jeopardize residents’ safety. It makes far more sense to take preventative measures against electrical fires than it does to ignore serious safety concerns. Get prepared by learning how to identify warning signs and take preventative action to prevent electrical fires in Glendora, CA.

Learn the Signs of Trouble

Many of the warning signs that a home could be susceptible to electrical fires lie hidden behind its walls. Old wiring, aluminum wiring, and arc faults can all pose serious risks, and they’re hard to identify without the help of a trained electrician. That said, homeowners can still lookout for the following signs of trouble:

  • Burn marks around sockets, switches, or fixtures

  • Appliances, outlets, or extension cords that are hot to the touch

  • Burning smells when plugging in appliances, lights, or devices

  • Electrical sparks coming from outlets

  • Mild electrical shocks when plugging in devices

  • Flickering light fixtures not resolved by changing the bulbs

  • Frequent circuit breaker trips

  • Regularly blown fuses

If any of these problems come up, visit to schedule a service call right away. A licensed electrician can inspect the system and determine what elements will need to be replaced to minimize fire risks.

Update the Electrical System

Older homes often have outdated electrical systems that are unable to handle the demands of modern families. Aluminum wiring, knob-and-tube wiring, and 60-amp systems all pose greater risks of overheating. Check out to learn about the modern alternatives used in electrical upgrades.

Unplug Heat Producing Appliances When Not in Use

Heat-producing appliances are typically meant to be used only for short periods of time. Accidentally leaving them on for extended periods can lead to overheating, which can start an electrical fire. It’s always wise to unplug items like toasters, irons, kettles, and curling wands when they’re not in use.

Never Use Damaged Power Cords

If an appliance, light, or device has a damaged power cord, don’t plug it in. Have the cord repaired by a professional if there are signs of cracking, fraying, or loose connections. The same goes for extension cords, which should only be used temporarily even if they’re in great shape.

Never Remove Grounds

Some homeowners find themselves frustrated by three-pronged power cords and cut off the third prong to make them fit in two-prong outlets. That’s always a bad idea. The third prong is the ground, and it’s there to protect residents in the event of electrical malfunctions or power surges. If the home only has two-pronged outlets, call an electrician to have them updated instead of trying to plug in modern, three-pronged cords.

Schedule an Electrical Inspection Today

Want to minimize the risk of electrical fires even more? Schedule an electrical inspection with Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air. These experts offer a wide range of electrical services in addition to safety inspections, so homeowners won’t have to worry about a thing. Call (800) 947-1747 to schedule a service call today.

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