Italian Luxury Watercraft/Yacht For Passenger Water Transportation Launched

Italy – Jet Capsule, a luxury watercraft company based in Italy, has announced the launch of the Jet Capsule LX (DuePuntoZero). Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the new model boasts an extensive feature list that makes the futuristic vessel ideal for passenger transport. 

Spanning 9.59m in length from stern to bow, the Jet Capsule LX is equipped to provide luxury travel experiences for a maximum of 20 passengers. The vessel can be custom fitted with single or dual engine configurations, which range from 370 to 1100 in total horsepower.

As the cabin, hull, and frame are made of a lightweight vacuum-infused carbon and fiberglass blend, the Jet Capsule LX can reach speeds of up to 52 mph (45 knots) with ease. The watercraft’s unique hydro propulsion system delivers speed and efficiency with minimal environmental impact or noise pollution, keeping consumption low.

In addition, the smart limousine can be configured with hybrid propulsion, allowing it to run exclusively on electric power. In electric mode, captains can achieve speeds of up to 25 knots with zero carbon emissions.

Many customization options are available. The Jet Capsule LX can function as a water taxi, private leisure vessel, luxury water limousine, executive water jet, and more. Designed primarily for passenger transport, the new model is compliant with all IMO regulations for passenger’s vessels. Custom onboard facility options include one toilet, a baggage compartment, and a small kitchenette, allowing an eventual cabin crew to prepare snacks onboard.

The newest vessel from Lazzarini has a sleek, aerodynamic exterior with a futuristic appearance. Since his entry into the boating industry, the renowned nautical designer has received widespread acclaim for his groundbreaking watercrafts. The recent announcement affirms Jet Capsule’s commitment to leading the water mobility industry in innovation.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are an Italian team of entrepreneurs, dreamers, designers, engineers, and boat builders. Our ambition is to drive progress in the marine industry, particularly in the sector of passenger crafts. With the world’s first smart water limousine, we hope to exceed passenger expectations with a world-class water travel experience.”

For more information, visit Jet Capsule’s website

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