Safe and Stable Women Only Rehab Centres are Sought by Women throughout Canada

Gender-specific rehab centers when dealing with drugs and alcohol withdrawal are becoming more common throughout Canada, as females have different needs emotionally and many times physically than men.  Finding a specific centre that deals with female addictions safely has been a challenge many times however for Canadians.  Addiction Centre Toronto has solved the issue of locating a female-only rehab and recovery centre that can deal specifically with each client’s needs. 

This organisation provides a comprehensive list of rehab centres, both inpatient and outpatient, and also a list of group home living situations for women with drug and/or alcohol problems that exist throughout most of Canada.  Females that call are matched up with a facility based on the type of addiction, and other parameters. 

The particular needs of all women who contact Addiction Centre Toronto are taken into account as some women who experience addiction can also be pregnant and this certainly complicates the process of becoming clean and sober.  Medical specialists must assess the health of the unborn baby and even the health of the baby post-partum if addiction was present while pregnant.  Infants can also experience withdrawal symptoms both in the womb and once outside the womb.  

Rehab centres for females are listed by province on the website of Addiction Centre Toronto, but any woman seeking help in finding a women-only rehab centre can also just fill out a simple online form or call.  Privacy is maintained and choosing by province is not the only consideration, as the counsellors at Addiction Centre Toronto understand finances, physical health, and the length and depth of the addiction as well as the type of addiction.  Many addicts can have dual addictions or other mental health problems which also must be addressed. 

The issue of how to find women-only rehab centres in Canada has been solved entirely for women seeking assistance with any type of addiction in any stage of the process by Addiction Centre Toronto.  It is a big step for most women to even admit to having an addiction, and this many times prevents them from seeking help for the addiction.  Addiction Centre Toronto has simplified the process and therefore increased the chance that women who need help and are seeking women-only rehab centres in Canada can find the help they need quickly and privately. 

A recently recovered female client said this, “I was so ashamed of having an addiction to alcohol I hid it for years from everyone including my family.  Of course, others could tell but I was afraid to research and call all different locations on my own.  One call to Addiction Centre Toronto and I was placed in the appropriate rehab centre almost immediately and now I am overcoming alcohol addiction one day at a time at a rehab centre and feel good about myself again for the first time in over a decade.”

This service obviously was needed and as shown above, very well received by women seeking help.

About Addiction Centre Toronto

This organization specialises in providing knowledge and lists of centres for all types of addictions for women only who are seeking help in locating female-only centres in Canada.  Addictions services from full medical detox as well as adolescent centres can be located.  Special needs of certain demographics of women such as those with a limited budget or those who are pregnant are taken into consideration as well as those with cross addictions.  Counsellors are available through a form, email, or phone 24-7. 

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