Selling a Home in Canada is Now Quicker and Simpler with an Instant Home Estimator

The real estate market throughout Canada is booming right now, with prices of homes much higher than ever before.  Individuals who are thinking of selling, however, may not know how much they should list their home for and really would like an answer quickly as to the price they should seek.  Justo Brokerage has solved this problem by adding an instant home value estimator to their offerings and this now is a form that takes five minutes to fill out on their website. 

The ability to get your home estimate instantly is a time-saver for those residents of Canada who are looking to sell.  Selling a home can bring great profits but also a loss if a home is not listed for its true value.  Justo Brokerage knows that sellers need information as quickly as possible.  Serving the GTA and many other areas, Justo Brokerage is a member of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and has access to all types of homes in most areas by being MLS certified. 

The clients that Justo Brokerage serves are from all walks of life and the ability to get a home estimate quickly can be done with virtually any property in any area.  The valuations are based on what are called ‘comps’ which are comparisons with other homes in the area of the same size and with the same amenities and the price at which the ‘comps’ sold. 

Justo Brokerage has a phenomenal reputation already for saving anyone selling a home tens of thousands of dollars, with most sellers saving an average of 50 % on sellers’ fees by using Justo Brokerage.  There is absolutely no obligation and the instant home value estimator can be used by anyone who wants a quick estimate as to their home’s value. 

One client raved, ‘My family was growing as my wife and I now had three children and needed more space.  Our home was only a two-bedroom and one bath, and our kids were becoming teenagers which led to a lot of squabbling.  We wanted a bigger home but could not take the chance of selling our current home for too low a price, as the mortgage was almost paid off.  We wanted a decent-size down payment for the purchase of a new home, so tried the instant home evaluator on Justo and saw that we could get a great price for our current home.  This was also a great time-saver as my wife and I work so we knew within minutes what price at which to list our home.  After finding out what the price was at which we should list, we immediately listed with Justo Brokerage, and our home was sold in only  two weeks for a great price!” 

Justo Brokerage takes the needs of each home seller very seriously and the ability to get your home estimate instantly is proving to be yet another great and timely service that Justo Brokerage provides.  Justo Brokerage continually seeks to excel at the career or real estate.

About Justo Brokerage

Justo Brokerage is registered as an MLS offering and therefore has access to all types of homes in almost all areas of Canada, including the GTA.   Offices exist throughout Canada and the new addition of their quick home estimator that is on their website is a welcome addition, saving sellers time and money when wanting to sell their home.  The form takes a mere five minutes to fill out and the results are immediate.  Justo Brokerage also offers other methods of home search for both buyers and sellers as well as a way to get in contact with a realtor immediately via phone, form, or email. 

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