Supreme apps Introduces Speedometer Digital App

Speedometer is a free digital tracking app made by the Belarusian company Supreme apps. It’s outfitted with a plethora of highly customizable features and can be downloaded on the Apple Store. 

Supreme apps is committed to providing the most accurate, straightforward, and practical app that can take measurements of multiple vehicles and road-related parameters, including distance, speed, and more. The brand states:

“We are fully committed to quality and to bring in front the best results and experience. We provide you with a very accurate way to measure your speed fast and without any worries. The app is very accurate, and it gives all the information you need in no time. “

Speedometer is easy to use, highly accurate speed tracking application that can be installed for free on all Apple smartwatches and smartphones. Its versatile functionalities make it a practical tool suitable for all kinds of tasks – from avoiding speeding tickets, over setting customized speed limits, to tracking distances. 

The built-in odometer features a separate screen where distance can be measured alongside speed.  The app also features a comprehensive compass that is separate from the other features and functionalities. 

The app connects to the authenticated phone’s GPS and shows a dedicated map with plenty of details:

“Our Speedometer has a dedicated map where it shows the current location and also the overall trip you made. This helps push the experience to the next level, it’s engaging, enjoyable, and one of the coolest experiences that you can find out there. It’s possible to export and share everything in order to figure out what option works for you and what suits your best.”

Contrasting the basic speed-tracking apps, the Speedometer offers different scales and measurements, suitable for all types of vehicles (land, air, and watercraft). The app supports different languages and measurements as well:

“You can access scales for motorcycles, bicycles, cars, planes, and so on in the app settings. Moreover, our Speedometer also allows you to change the measurement type in knots, kph, or mph. This helps make the experience enjoyable and fun every time. The app also has a dedicated gauge, it’s very portable and it can help you monitor your speed with any vehicle, all of that for free. Try out Speedometer today and take your experience to the next level!”

The convenience of the Speedometer is also expressed in its head-up projection display, which can be projected on the windshield, allowing the driver to focus on the road:

“The Speedometer app also has a head-up projection that allows you to showcase your current speed directly on your windshield. When you travel, you need to make sure that you keep your eyes on the road, so the HUD solution helps you do that in no time.”

Speedometer is available for download on Apple App Store for free. More information on the Speedometer app can be found on the brand’s official store page

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