Rey Spadoni Helps Transform Organizations Facing Challenges with Saving Organizations That Matter

The not-for-profit, mission-driven organization’s guide to transformation and improving effectiveness, performance, and long-term viability.

It can be overwhelming for an employee, manager, and even board member to witness their organization experiencing a downward spiral of performance and success. During these times of crisis, many people within these situations are seeking clarity but can be motivated to seek solutions by urgency and fear. Having experienced this himself in numerous settings, author Rey Spadoni decided to write Saving Organizations That Matter: Ascending From the Confluence of Chaos, a practical guide to the turnaround and transformation of not-for-profit, mission-driven organizations.

Written from the perspective of someone who has been through many such experiences, the book features a number of strategies that can be deployed, often immediately, to help change the trajectory of organizations that are facing challenges and declining performance. It is for anyone in an organization that is experiencing struggle – seeking a way to improve, reinvent themselves, and chart a new course. It is also meant for leaders in stable organizations who are actively working to avoid future decline and threats to their mission.

Rey Spadoni has spent nearly 40 years assisting not-for-profit, mission-driven organizations to improve their effectiveness, performance, and long-term viability. By participating on not-for-profit boards of directors, working as a consultant or leading such companies, he has gained a unique, multi-faceted line of sight into how such organizations succeed – and fail. He has also experienced firsthand the most often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of the transformation process: the critical nature of organizational culture.

In Saving Organisations That Matter, Rey Spadoni outlines the various reasons that cause such organizations to fall into disarray, likening this to a ship that sails perilously close to the edge of a plunging waterfall. With practical and actionable steps and strategies, he seeks to inspire leaders to forge a new path for their organizations toward lasting, sustainable change. Once they have identified and systematically resolved institutional problems – including deeper cultural issues – mission-driven organizations can then sail toward calmer waters, better equipped to avoid such waterfalls in the future.

The book has received critical praise from executives like Diana Franchitto, President & CEO of HopeHealth. “Saving Organizations That Matter is an outstanding guide for non-profit leaders committed to the success of their organizations. With profound respect for the unique mission of non-profit organizations, Rey Spadoni’s step-by-step approach to meaningful transformation is one that every new and experienced leader should read.”

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About Rey Spadoni

Rey Spadoni is the author of the book, Saving Organizations That Matter. He has led a number of organizational turnarounds and transformations, some quite high profile. As a consultant to organizations facing essential strategic questions and existential threats, he has sought to maintain and grow mission effectiveness. He has also been a frequent industry speaker on these topics, dedicating himself to the betterment of organizations that improve the lives of those who are vulnerable and who experience great challenges in their lives.

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