Deepfakes Web and Ethical AI Deepfake Technology

A huge advancement for deepfakes in digital art, marketing, and more.

July 27, 2021 – As deepfakes get more popular and AI (artificial intelligence) gets smarter, frauds give a bad name to the integrated technology. Unethical and dishonest deepfake video editing is known to spread misinformation. Fake videos easily skew a market’s idea and/or beliefs around current events, politics, celebrities, and more.

It’s clear why deepfakes are described as a threat to peoples’ perceptions, personal rights, and reputations. But thankfully, Deepfakes Web takes a moral and affordable approach to deepfake AI.

Deepfakes Web is an online deepfake app that allows digital creators, designers, and artists to make convincing yet ethical deepfake videos in three clicks. Its private cloud secures stored data for easy rendering and trained model reuse, but what truly sets Deepfakes Web apart from other software is its ethical principles.

The software company believes deepfake technology is becoming more popular and therefore should be labeled (i.e. watermarked) responsibly. A clear watermark ensures deepfake videos can be enjoyed safely without being used with harmful intent.

It should be noted that, even with a protective watermark, a deepfake’s quality is never compromised. Deepfake Web’s watermarked videos look real enough to believe at first glance, but are subtly mechanical. This gives an ethically sound edge to lifelike deepfakes, which is believed to have tremendous value for virtual artists and digital content creators.

When used for good reason, deepfakes can be an awesome tool for demonstrating and teaching, for instance. Deepfake Web’s ethical software technology changes the game for deepfakes in art, education, marketing, and entertainment, to name a few. Now, there is more freedom than ever for digital gurus to create honest, quality deepfake videos without the fear of pushback or accusations from critics.

Deepfakes have earned a bad reputation, thanks to irresponsible early adopters. Deepfakes Web grapples to surpass what deepfakes are known for, emphasizing the promise and positive potential in deepfake technology.

About Deepfakes Web

Listed by tech sources as a top-tier deepfake website, Deepfakes Web offers a fast, affordable process for online deepfake video creation. Premium and basic deepfake video modes are available, depending on artists’ preference. For more detailed information on creating a deepfake video, watch this tutorial by Deepfakes Web or dive right in and make a deepfake video here.

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