Bring creativity and greenery to life with Magnapot – a dynamic garden and organizer

Embrace plants. Uncover joy

A lot of interesting products have emerged out of Kickstarter, and Magnapot is one of the latest to join their ranks. Magnapot is an innovative planter that doubles as an organizer, and according to the creators, it is only as limited as its users’ creativity. 

Magnapot Kickstarter campaign went live on July 27 at 11 AM EST and hit the goal in less than 30 mins! 

First and foremost a modular garden, Magnapot can also serve as a stand for all sorts of items. From stationary to makeup products to art supplies, all little items will look extremely clean and organized next to a cute little plant. 

The strong neodymium magnets enable buyers to mix and match their Magnapots however they like with zero hassle. According to CREO, a design company based in San Francisco and the team behind Magnapot, even more designs are on the way. The designs look pretty interesting and fun, too!

Magnapot can be used to grow all sorts of small apartments, and the wick-integrated insert pots will take care of the hard part and infuse plants with life. With Magnapot, buyers can watch the journey of a small sprout to full growth, and do it with style.

Magnapot comes in two stylish colors – Classic White and Carbon Grey with semi-matte glaze. These colors are bound to look absolutely stunning on any desk. Each set contains four Magnapots, two with four-tipped magnets and two with two-tipped Magnets.

Makeup gurus looking for a modern organizer for all their favorite products and brushes, or artists with a lot of tools, or those looking for a chic and luxurious desk organizer for their office should probably consider getting a set of Magnapot while it’s on discount, especially since they’re selling like hotcakes on Kickstarter! The limited super early bird set is now available on Kickstarter priced at $59. The regular price offered on Kickstarter is $79. Magnapot is also available in sets of 2 or 3 packages and even more for a higher discount.

Magnapot is a luxurious gift. Even small kids (or big artists!) can draw on Magnapots and have some fun. After all, what could be better than a modern planter/desk organizer? A personalized one!

Magnapot is NOW live on Kickstarter and this is the best time to bring the joy of Magnapot to apartments, condos, offices, and houses far and wide.

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