Clement Kao Releases a Superb Audiobook for Product Managers Titled “Refining Your Product Skills”

The new audiobook by Clement Kao, co-founder of Product Manager HQ, is a well-crafted guide designed to empower every product manager to level up across multiple high-impact dimensions

Software product managers are expected to know everything about everything – from business skills to technical skills, from customer interviews to data analytics, from interpersonal relationships to competitive strategy. To help software product managers succeed, award-winning product manager Clement Kao has released his new audiobook titled “Refining Your Product Skills.”

With “Refining Your Product Skills,” Product Manager HQ co-founder Clement Kao distills his many years of experience into a short, easy-to-digest audiobook. The book provides insights and framework on driving lasting, outsized positive impact as a product manager.

“My goal is to provide my readers and listeners with a valuable reference guide that they’ll repeatedly visit throughout their product management career,” says Clement. “Better product managers means better software, and better software means a better world to live in. That’s why I’m passionate about enabling product managers to succeed.”

The new audiobook “Refining Your Product Skill” focuses on four cardinal areas: working with stakeholders, discovery and marketing, metrics and analytics, and professional development. It promises to be a reference point for product managers, one they will consult throughout their product management career. In addition, the book is an excellent resource for any product manager looking to refine their product skills and level up their product management.

“Refining Your Product Skills” is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, and product managers can purchase this invaluable audiobook via

Previously, Clement has released a series of highly-rated product management print books, including “Breaking Into Product Management,” “Excellent Execution as a Product Manager,” and “Refining Your Product Skills.” Clement is also the co-founder of Product Manager HQ, an education media company that has enabled thousands of people worldwide to break into product management.

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