“Tianma Award” list released, NHU won three awards again

On May 14, twelve sessions of the Investor Management Forum of China’s listed companies and the second session of the most respected investment bank selection forum hosted by the Securities Times were held in Shenzhen. The Forum revealed twelve sessions of the Tianma Award on investor relations of Chinese listed companies, and NHU won the two major awards: the “Best investor relations award” and the “Best Board Award”. Shi Guanqun, secretary of the board of directors, won the “Best Secretary Award”.

NHU has achieved good results in the Tianma Awards for three years. In the Tianma Awards in 2019, NHU won two awards: “Pioneer of high-quality development” and “Best Board of directors in investor relations of small and medium-sized listed companies”. Shi guanqun won the “Best Secretary of small and medium-sized board listed company”. And last year, NHU won the “Best Board Award” again, Shi Guanqun won the “Best Secretary Award”.

“Tianma prize-china’s listed companies investor relations selection” is the first mainstream media focused on the capital market investor relations management activities. The “Tianma Award” has always been dedicated to enhancing the service consciousness of investors of listed companies, promoting the improvement of the management level of investor relations of Chinese listed companies, and excavating the investment value of listed companies, it has become one of the most influential investor relationship management activities in the industry. It is highly concerned by listed companies, research institutions and investors both at home and abroad.

Over the years, while maintaining the rapid development and steady growth of the company, NHU has continuously improved its corporate governance structure and standardized its rational operation, we are committed to build a bridge of mutual trust and mutual benefit with investors. This time NHU stands out in many listed companies. This fact reflects the full recognition of NHU by market investors and related institutions, but also shows confidence of the majority of investors on the company’s future development.

This year, NHU won the “Best Investor Relations Award” and the “Best Board of Directors Award”. It is not only the reflection of the full recognition by the capital market and investors for NHU over the years in corporate governance and customs investment management but also the power source for NHU to pay more attention to the normative governance and effective communication in the future. NHU will take this award as an opportunity to further boost good performance in investor relations management, continue to enhance the shareholder value of the company, to bring better investment returns to investors and help the stable development of the capital market.

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