How to Create an Automated Workflow? Soluntech Offers a Simple Solution

Soluntech is an ROI-minded custom software development agency based in Colombia. The brand was founded in 2012, since when it launched over a hundred custom software solutions across the globe.

Soluntech is the Jack of all trades in the custom software industry, helping hundreds of brands from all walks of life evolve and grow to be market leaders in their respective fields. Since 2014 the brand has migrated to remote infrastructure, which has allowed them to pass savings to their clients and team by offering affordable solutions, collaborating with numerous companies on creating unique software solutions across healthcare, sports, traveling, and investing spheres of the industry:

“Since 2012 we’ve launched and maintained 100+ custom solutions for clients all over the world. Our solutions have made sports safer, healthcare more efficient, traveling smarter, sending money easier, and much more.”

While Soluntech solutions are eclectic and well-rounded, the brand specializes in helping companies organize their workflow and be more efficient with both the time and resources they have at their disposal. 

Soluntech’s Blog page offers a wealth of valuable information on numerous business-related topics, as well as news regarding the latest technologies and the brand itself. One of the most notable posts on this blog describes how to create an automated workflow in detail:

Before choosing to drift your operations to data management software, you should know if your organization is ready. You need to measure how robust your current manual task load is. If you have data playbooks or you’re hiring data-entry roles, you perhaps need workflow automation. Workflow automation can help to eliminate human error and let you focus on what matters.“

Soluntech breaks the process of workflow automation into seven simple steps, including picking the process the brand wants to automate, identification of key process actors and tasks, the map needs of regular workflow users, acquisition of workflow data, the implementation data within the automation software, the testing stage, and the launching stage. 

Soluntech’s uniquely tailored solutions are meant to cater to the needs of each client individually. The company is committed to handling the budget of its clients as efficiently as possible while minimizing risks, offering a hands-on approach in terms of collaboration and realistic estimations regarding potential outcomes.

“In an industry infamous for cost overrun, we take every possible action to de-risk the project from the very beginning and while the project runs. We speak clearly about expectations and reality. Software is built incrementally where each version is an improvement over the existing one. You may terminate your project at any time enough of the product has been delivered and there is no further ROI to be achieved by continuing with a project that will only deliver marginal gains.“

Soluntech received a variety of awards and accolades and is recognized as one of the top-rated companies in Colombia and Latin America. 

The details regarding each step of Soluntech’s automated workflow solution can be found on the brand’s blog page while more information on the brand can be found on its official webpage.

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