“What’s the Name” Li Yanjin’s Solo Exhibition and Charity Sale held in Shanghai to Support China’s Henan Relief Effort After Severe Flooding

Li Yanjin’s Solo Exhibition and Charity Sale, themed “What’s the Name”, was held at M50 Art Park in Shanghai at 10 AM, July 27th, 2021, to support China’s Henan Relief effort after severe flooding. 

Zhengzhou, Henan Province’s capital city, and other cities in the province have been hit by heavy rains on July 20th, affecting the hearts of people across the whole China.

This event lasted for nearly 2 hours. The atmosphere was fantastic. With the support of her family, classmates, and friends, a total of 180, 000 CNY (about 27, 700 USD) was raised. Speaking about the charity auction, Li Yanjin and her mother stated that all the proceeds from the auction would be donated to the Henan Provincial Charity Federation for the reconstruction of the homes of our people affected by the disaster”.

When Henan was hit by a rainstorm, Li Yanjin saw the heroic actions of compatriots in the disaster area fighting against the flood to save themselves and each other through the news media and deeply felt the enthusiasm of national solidarity. She decided to launch a derivative charity sale on the occasion of her solo exhibition to support China’s Henan Relief effort after severe flooding. 

One of the most popular photographs at the exhibition was “We Never Stop Thinking About our Life”. According to Li Yanjin, this series was inspired by the work of French painter Paul Gauguin named “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?”. “Human beings have developed  for millions of years; while we are all immersed in the rapid advancement of technological materials, the sudden extreme climate change has stunned me that human life is so insignificant in front of the forces of nature,” she said, “I wish that through this disaster, human beings can respect nature and cherish life.”

Named as  “What’s the Name?”, the exhibition was the first exhibition of Li Yanjian as a curator, as well as her first exhibition into adulthood. The exhibition not only asked the questions of the overall generalization of her work as a teenager, but also provided a deconstruction of the act of naming the exhibition, and even echoed the question that frequently asked on various occasions, “What’ s the name?”, which is a more ancient social issue.

The exhibition includes Polaroid photography, multimedia video, drawing, floor/tapestry, graffiti, and cartoons selected by Li Yanjin from the perspective of a curator. The exhibition was co-sponsored by Shanghai Aijia Group, which adheres to the corporate vision of “make every life more exciting”. 

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