CoolEdge AC Reviews – Detailed Analysis Of CoolEdge Portable Mini AC

CoolEdge AC review discusses the working of a portable air cooling unit that promises a one-time solution to heatwaves and high power bills. With a sleek design and compact structure, all one needs to do is simply switch on the device and instant cooling is facilitated.

Be it throughout the day or night, CoolEdge AC affirms to provide optimal cooling for hours and requires only cold water and a full battery.

CoolEdge AC Reviews – Is It A Cost-effective Portable Air Conditioner?

In addition to being energy-efficient, the unit does not involve any installation or maintenance costs. Continue reading into this CoolEdge AC review to know how it works, its benefits, prices, pros, as well as cons, to determine if it is worth the purchase or not! 

CoolEdge AC reviews

Product Name CoolEdge AC
Product Type Air Conditioner/Air Cooler
Main Benefits Effective solution to heatwaves and high power bills
Designed Technology Hydrochill technology
Product Features Portable, easy to operate, and lightweight design
Charging method Through USB cable
Item Color Green
Procedure By using cold water and ice cubes
Type Room/Personal
Price $79.00
Warranty 3 years warranty
Official Website Click Here

What is CoolEdge AC?

Developed using innovative technology, CoolEdge AC is a portable mini air conditioning unit that facilitates instant relief from the burning heat of the summer. Be it indoors, outdoors, or even going out for a simple car drive, CoolEdge AC serves to be useful for any space and reduces the warm temperature of the surroundings.

Customers need not worry about installing this unit since it is highly user-friendly. By simply following the instructions given in the user manual, one can quickly learn how to use CoolEdge mini air conditioner. Furthermore, CoolEdge portable AC comes in an elegant green that adds more elegance to the decor. 

How does CoolEdge AC work?

CoolEdge AC is designed using hydrochill technology. This means that the water present in the inbuilt tank is evaporated similar to how nature produces rainfall. The unit absorbs all the warm air around and effectively converts it into a cool breeze.

The large capacity in-built battery of CoolEdge AC ensures to help in fast recharge. Throughout the process, the device does not produce any unnecessary sounds or noises and maintains silent cooling.

Thus, the user can sleep or work comfortably without being disturbed contrary to most air conditioners. CoolEdge AC is a specially designed air cooling technology that ensures lower power spikes at maximum as well. 

CoolEdge AC working

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How to use CoolEdge Air Cooler?

One of the most attractive features of CoolEdge AC is how easy it is to operate. One need not require any additional knowledge or approach technicians to install CoolEdge Air Cooler. As I already mentioned CoolEdge AC review, the device works on battery life.

One should charge the unit via its USB cable at first and simply fill its water tank with cold water and ice cubes. Then, adjust the settings to the desired airflow and switch on the unit. In just these simple steps, the user can relax in the cool air within seconds.

Also, to facilitate better cooling, add more ice cubes or cold water to the water tank. This can help maintain the chilly temperature for a long and effectively keeps the surroundings free from becoming humid.

Benefits of CoolEdge Portable AC 

CoolEdge Portable Air Conditioner is designed using advanced air cooling technology and involves unique features that provide a quality user experience. Some of the main benefits of this air cooling unit are; 

  • Reduces electricity expense: CoolEdge AC is highly power-efficient since it works on battery power and hydrochill technology. As it can be recharged via the USB cord, the user can enjoy long hours of cooling without dealing with high power bills. 
  • Adjustable air supply: The 3-speed fan of CoolEdge AC allows users to change the airflow as per convenience. Moreover, the adjustable blades help to change the direction of the breeze and relax easily. 
  • Safe for the user and environment: Users can expect to have complete protection of their health and nature as CoolEdge AC produces purified air at zero noise. And since the unit works as a humidifier too, one can remain hydrated day and night. 
  • Can be easily carried around: Besides the closely packed and lightweight design of CoolEdge AC, the standard USB power supply makes it highly portable. Be it indoors or outdoors, the user can easily enjoy the cool fresh air at any time. 

CoolEdge Portable AC benefits

Pros & Cons of CoolEdge AC 

Having a clear idea about the good and bad aspects of a product can help decide whether it is worth the money or not. In the case of CoolEdge air cooler, here are the key advantages and disadvantages; 


  • User friendly and affordable. 
  • Compact and easy to manage. 
  • Provides quality air instantly. 
  • The green color adds elegance. 
  • Does not require any installation costs. 


  • Can be bought only from the official website. 
  • Watertank has to be refilled when required. 
  • Provides cooling only to a specific area. 

Is CoolEdge AC an effective device? 

Considering the positive reaction of customers, it can be confirmed that CoolEdge AC is a 100% effective and genuine air cooling device. Not only does it provide quick relief from the heatwaves via its award-winning air cooling technology, but also gives moderate cooling to prevent dryness of the skin as well as dehydration.

CoolEdge mini air cooler efficiently cuts down high power consumption and its compact design allows portability. Unlike the regular air coolers that require frequent refilling, CoolEdge Portable Air Conditioner has a large water tank and the-built battery enables long hours of cooling.

CoolEdge AC Customer reviews & complaints

According to the CoolEdge customer reviews, the CoolEdge AC unit is a reliable solution to get through hut summer days. Most people are satisfied with its results and recommend it to others. CoolEdge AC does not have any complaints reported yet. 

CoolEdge AC customer reviews

CoolEdge Price & Availability

To get hands-on CoolEdge AC, one should approach the official website which is There are no other retailers to this air conditioner and avoid any other stores be it online or offline that are selling CoolEdge AC. This is meant to protect the customers from losing money by paying for fake products. CoolEdge Portable AC cooling unit comes with discount offers.

Here’s how it looks like:

  • 1 CoolEdge AC at $79 (via 50% discount). 
  • 2 CoolEdge AC + 1 Free at $137 ($46 each via 72% discount). 
  • 3 CoolEdge AC + 2 Free at $197 ($36 each via 76% discount). 

Among these, the bulk bundle of CoolEdge AC is known to be the best seller as per the official website. Customers with more family members or larger houses can benefit the most from this bundle. Shipping charges are free making it easier to purchase CoolEdge AC. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for CoolEdge portable AC as well.

CoolEdge AC Reviews – Is It The Best Air Conditioner For Money?

Apart from having a power-saving air cooling system, it is important to ensure that the device does not result in harmful consequences to the health of the user or loved ones. CoolEdge AC adheres to this aspect considering its air filtering and zero disturbance feature.

Being compact and lightweight, one also need not re-install it every time upon shifting which also lowers the expense. Its inbuilt battery and USB power supply further enhances portability. Countless people are satisfied with the work of this device as per CoolEdge AC reviews.

In general, CoolEdge portable AC proves to be a 100% cost-effective solution to summer heat compared to regular air conditioners and fans. 

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  • How long does it take for CoolEdge AC to be delivered? 

3-5 days is the standard delivery time taken. 

  • Is a technician required for setting up CoolEdge AC? 

No. CoolEdge Portable AC does not require an installation process. It is low maintenance and easy to use making it convenient for anyone irrespective of background knowledge. 

  • Why use CoolEdge AC? 

To begin with, CoolEdge AC requires minimal energy to work and its hydrochill technology allows power-saving. Its high-tech design provides compact air cooling and together with the unique features ensures to make the unit cost-effective. 

  • Are there any additional charges involved in the payment of CoolEdge AC? 

CoolEdge AC is available for purchase via a one-time payment only. There are no subscriptions or hidden charges involved. 

  • Is CoolEdge AC provided in any other color? 

Green is the only color in which this CoolEdge AC is sold. 

Click Here To Order The CoolEdge AC From the Official Website

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