Running Interference: Paid Patriotism by Author Irene Petteice

Running Interference: Paid Patriotism by Author Irene Petteice

Running Interference: Paid Patriotism by Author Irene Petteice is an honest, throbbing, surprisingly unique look into how sports played a role in politics and history. She showed both the positive and the negative ways in which sports and politics have coalesced and tackle enlightening themes about athletes, and activism and the important role sports plays in society.  Drawing on a rich and fascinating range of examples, her book will help readers make better-informed decisions and construct more valid arguments and teach how not to be taken in by statistics and poorly supported claims. 

Running Interference: Paid Patriotism is the awakening of Colin Kaepernick, who will be forever etched in sports history as the quarterback who knelt for the national anthem before N.F.L. games in 2016 as a protest against racial inequality and police brutality. Playing for the San Francisco 49ers, his start-off action receives highly polarized reactions, some praising him and his stand against injustice and others denouncing the protest. Till recently, Kaepernick remains unsigned by any other football team.

Irene Petteice is an informed and impassioned writer who chronicles the profoundly creative and destructive influence that sports have on the political life of a nation and the world. She challenges you to think and think carefully, about any assumptions you might have.

Running Interference: Paid Patriotism is riveting, sharp, and inspiring yet a joy to read. Undoubtedly, this book will be of interest to any sports and political enthusiasts, she cheers the victories―but also reflects on how far we have yet to go at a time when many believed the world had gotten past the issue of race.

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About the Author

Irene Petteice is 80 years old and began writing in 2010 after falling and breaking her pelvis. She was confined to bed for several months with only a laptop computer as a companion. She began researching and typing and had soon finished her first novel. Presently she has completed and has published five political novels and one paranormal/religious novel. She has websites at and

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