A New Professional 3 on 3 Basketball League Has Been Formed. In this League both Woman and Men will be Playing at the Same Time.

A New Professional 3 on 3 Basketball League Has Been Formed. In this League both Woman and Men will be Playing at the Same Time.
500 Million Dollars has Been Committed toward the league, which will Begin Play in July 2023 “P3BL”

A new professional basketball league that will have teams in the USA and selected world cities has been formed. The game will be fast, competitive, and fun to watch. At all times at least one woman from each team will be on the court going head-to-head against the men players. The league will be fully launched by July 2023.

A new professional 3 on 3 basketball league has been formed that features roosters of both men and woman players. This league is the ultimate step forward in shaping woman’s empowerment. A high-scoring game that will be a much faster game than the NBA. Fans will regularly experience come-from-behind victories, making the game more fun to watch. Hard-hitting like in the NHL and great shooting will define the league. 

At all times, at least one woman will be on the floor competing together with the men. The league will be fully launched in July of 2023. Power 3 Basketball is a league that gives women equality. Exciting to watch and thrilling in every way. Join the fun as The “Power 3 Basketball League” wins the hearts of fans everywhere. With the Power 3 Basketball League, you will have a combination of the UFC, WWE, and the NBA all wrapped into one.

To make the game more interesting and competitive new rules are being included. For example, in addition to the three-point shot, there will be a four-point half-court shot and a seven-point full-court shot. Quarters will be 12.5 minutes instead of 15 minutes. The initial season will consist of 60 games for each team.

The make-up of the teams in this league is much different than in the NBA. First, the teams will field only three players on the court at any one time, not five, like the NBA. The teams will have a roster of only seven players, made up of four men and three women.

Second, at all times at least one woman must be in action on the court. Finally, the public will be treated to what they have been missing by not watching the WNBA – great play by women. In the new league also, in addition to the three-point shot, there will be a four-point half-court shot and a seven-point full-court shot.

The new league will see more checking and hard action than in any NHL game. Women will win the hearts of fans with their physical play. Women are about to show the world that they are “ready to rumble,” as they say in the UFC. If you want to experience real woman empowerment just watch a P3BL game.

Ten teams will be America, located in selected keys cities. There will also be five international teams in Europe, China, UAE, Africa, Canada, and Mexico. Imagine an even faster game: 3 on 3 versus 5 on 5.

The COVID pandemic has shown that ticket sales are not important, but any study of history would have already proved this.  Pre-1970 professional sports teams made little money since the only revenue generator was ticket sales. Most athletes had to get off-season jobs just to survive. The valuation of teams was very low for this same reason. In 1961, Franklin Mieuli bought the Philadelphia Warriors for 850,000 dollars. The owner later moved to San Francisco, and the team was sold in 1986 for 20 million dollars. Charlie Finley sold the MLB Oakland Athletics for 12.7 million dollars in 1980. Things changed as profit centers beyond tickets sales were realized and were scaled. These same teams today are valued in the billions of dollars.

The league will not rely on network television but will instead have its own streaming and strategic brand partnerships as well as joint ventures with various well-known streaming services.

The league has zero reliance on ticket sales as part of its revenue modeling. Power 3 has multiple revenue drivers including sponsorships, advertising, video games, strategic partnerships, gaming, pay-for-view super events in world markets, apps, blockchain, etc. The video game industry cannot be ignored as a source of revenue for the Power 3 league. On a global basis, video game earnings are more than the North American sports business and global movie business combined (estimated at 205 billion for 2021 and growing).

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With Power 3 Basketball, unlike soccer and the NHL, which are both enormously popular, in Power 3 basketball, the game is never over until it’s over. For a team to come from 20 points behind with two minutes left will happen regularly. The rally and comeback aspect of the game makes it perfect for video game adoption.

A total of five hundred million dollars is initially being raised. Each team will require a 50 million dollar buy-in by the local team owner. Of that money, 25 million will remain at the team level and 25 million will go to the league level. In addition, it is estimated that approximately 10 million dollars in organizational costs will be spent up to the launch date.

The Power Three League is embracing a top-down approach to excellence. Experienced leaders are now being recruited to run and oversee the league. The goal of management will be to give the fanbase the best there is to offer. Power 3 is a league that cares about the fans and its players. Mr. Probandt the league’s founder is seeking the best there is in management to operate the league. Mr. Probandt realizes that proper management is the most important single element in the entire equation of developing a successful league. Mr. Probandt says when It comes to management, we will have the best-run sports league in the world. Our leadership will understand what fans want and need. Power 3 is a league where players have a chance to be entertainers, influencers, and personalities as well as superior athletes. With all ventures, great leadership is a prerequisite to success.

The league will have its own in-house apps and media streaming. All games can be seen live for free, except for international super events which will be pay-per-view and include concerts and other entertainment. Such events will be at world locations, such as Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall, The floor of the Grand Canyon, The Rome Colosseum, a luxury yacht, and other major venues.

Imagine a team from Africa, China, London, Mexico City, and The UAE as an example of a real-world league. The Power 3 Basketball League is the beginning of a new dynasty in the world of sport and competition. The fun has only begun, and the new league will be in full operation by July of 2023.

The “Power 3 Basketball League” is basketball at its best. Power 3 Basketball is a fun watch, fast and competitive. In addition to 10 USA-based teams, there are to be teams in key international regions that include: London, UAE, Mexico City, Africa, China, etc. The league is a 3 on 3 format that requires that one woman is on the floor from each team at all times. Hard hitting, great shooting, and come from behind victories define The “Power 3 Basketball League.”

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