Decode organic skin care, how terrifying is Delifeel’s “spirit of truth”

As people become more aware of healthy skin care, the concept of natural and organic products is gaining popularity, with Japanese brands attracting the most attention.

Delifeel advocates slow beauty, emphasizing natural and safety of its ingredients and improving them slowly from inside to outside. In short: Beauty comes from inside out.

Advocate concise skin care, create clear skin quality

The good skin of Japanese women depends on the concept of simplicity that they followed both in life and skin care. Because of the attention to the management of the skin, Japanese each brand manufacturer holds an ingredient seriously with the most rigorous attitude. It is not only responsible for the product, but also for the guarantee of consumers, to ensure natural ingredients, raise good skin.

More than 95% of Delifeel’s products are made from organic ingredients. For example, our cream contains antioxidants derived from grape peels, polyphenols and resveratrol, which are better than vitamin C for their antioxidant properties and anti-aging properties.

Healthy & organic, wide range of population positioning

While many of the most famous international brands are strictly marked for sensitive skin, Delifeel is available for all ages and skin types, even during pregnancy.

Delifeel organic skin care products originated from Japan, contain no preservatives and harmful chemicals. The moisturizing facial cream consists 11 kinds of local plants extracted from the anti-oxidation moisturizing ingredients, which is close to the composition of human sebum. It penetrates rapidly, not only has high moisturizing and nourishing effect, but also plays the role of whitening and anti-aging.

Superior quality manufacturer, safety is guaranteed

Delifeel is certified by ECOFIT in Japan to produce organic skincare products that are radiation-free, genetically modified and manufactured in a manner that doesn’t cause environmental or health problems. To ensure the safety of consumers’ skin care, it is a skin care brand worth trying for sensitive skins.

Delifeel moisturizing mask uses a “natural gel” made from seaweed, rather than “synthetic gel” made from oil, which is separated by salt from the body surface and hardly moisturizes.

As a niche Japanese brand, Delifeel 100% committed to the future and will continue to bring the best to customers skin care experience!

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