Best Portable Power Station 2021: Joyzis BR300 with LED Light

The Joyzis BR300 is a versatile piece of technology that can accompany us on camping vacations and road trips. Short weekend getaways are becoming more popular. This 296Wh power station enables quick wireless charging and can power up to 8 devices at once. It surely allows people to have an unending source of electricity while on the go!

The BR300 is a 296Wh high-capacity portable power source that may be used for a variety of tasks, including phone charging, camping, emergency power outages, photography, and LED holiday lighting. The BR300 can fulfill practically all of your electrical needs while also assisting you in reducing your electricity concern.

What’s in the box?

• Power station*1
• AC Adapter (Type-C)*1
• Car charger cable*1
• User manual*1

The magnetic field between the power station and the electrical gadget is used to convey energy without the usage of wires. Wireless flash charging has a charging speed that is three times faster than standard charging.

A 7.5W (Max 10W) Qi-wireless charger pad is located on the top of the unit for phones that support wireless charging. The shell of the unit is surrounded by two lights. One is marketed as a reading light, while the other is marketed as an emergency light. Fast strobing, SOS mode, and bright light mode are all available on the unit’s emergency light.

The BR300 can simultaneously power a surprising number of devices. We were able to connect an iPad Pro, an Aputure RGB panel light, an iPhone X, a Scuf controller, a Canon M50 camera, and a Kindle Paperwhite at the same time during our testing. In addition to these loads, we turned on both outdoor lights.

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