TRUEWORLD Creates A Digital Twin Of The Earth That Will Help Society Understand And Mitigate The Effects Of Climate Change

TRUEWORLD becomes the first Public Observatory on Climate Change.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain – 29 July, 2021 – A team made up of scientists, technicians and entrepreneurs has created the first public, mapped and real-time Climate Change Observatory, a geospatial visualisation platform where the vital signs of the Earth that affect the immediate future of humanity can be accessed and compared. It uses advanced technologies (AI ETHICS, IOT, BIGDATA) that allow it to create a digital model of the world by integrating information from NASA satellites, EUMETSAT, NOAA, or the EU COPERNICUS programme, among other sources.

Climate change, non-transparency and inaccessibility to information are the biggest threats to our species today. According to the latest studies, climate change is estimated to cause more than 150,000 deaths per year.

The TRUEWORLD Public Observatory on Climate Change, which can be accessed through the link, shows the main vital signs of the Earth with the past, present and future evolution of the main indicators that affect global warming:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, the state of the polar ice caps, sea level rise, air quality, global temperature, Carbon Monoxide (CO) or soil humidity anywhere in our Planet.

This ambitious project aims to empower society through scientific and truthful information, but in a universal language so that people can understand the climate emergency we are facing as a species, and how to contribute to the mitigation of its effects.

The Observatory has the most advanced technology and sources of information such as NASA, NOAA, IPCC, AEMET or the European CO-PERNICUS programme, from which it obtains all the necessary data on the main indicators of climate change. It also has the capacity to integrate layers, files and information from geographic information systems (GIS), thanks to an alliance with ESRI Spain (which has proposed the Mallorcan company as a sponsored start-up from its US headquarters). The TRUEWORLD platform compiles all this data, analyses, interprets and transforms it into visual information that is universal and accessible to society as a whole.

The use of ethical information, its system based on Blockchain technology, the processing of BigData and the use of Artificial Intelligence in an ethical manner (which allows it to study historical data and predict future climate changes in a truthful and traceable way), positions TRUEWORLD as a cutting-edge technology and science-based company in a global market.

A BETA version is available, with mainly scientific objectives, in a desktop mode. TRUEWORLD is already working on a global version that can be used from any device.

TRUEWORLD is a Spanish start-up conceived in Mallorca in 2020 led by people who share a common purpose: to fight climate change by organising the world’s environmental data.


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