Guy Bloom gains traction with ‘Living Brave Leadership’ and Its Companion Podcast ‘LeadershipBITES’

Guy Bloom is Empowering a leaders with the challenge to be Living Brave

Guy Bloom is enabling the leadership development space with an award-winning approach honed over decades of experience in both business and combat sports. Guy has distilled these lessons and techniques into an accessible leadership book called ‘Living Brave Leadership’. Guy also has a globally rated Top 10% companion podcast called ‘LeadershipBITES’. To quote Guy, “my life is dedicated to enabling leaders and teams to perform at their best, it’s a life’s work”.

Guy Bloom is a 30 year veteran in the development of leaders and senior teams, A 4x Martial Arts Hall of Famer, and an experienced coach in both combat sports and business. Over 3 decades of enabling peak performance, he developed the ‘Living Brave’ approach. ‘Living Brave Leadership’ offers key mindsets and behaviours that leaders and teams need to succeed. “It is the output of 20+ years of leadership development, executive coaching, team effectiveness and cultural transformation. It is the result of seeing the impact that the philosophies in this book have made to individuals, teams, and entire cultures,’ says Bloom. Within the pages of ‘Living Brave Leadership’, Bloom describes clear and effective leadership strategies that can transform the performance of both individuals and organizations.

Bloom believes the key to success in any mode of life is self-leadership, “you have to have your own house in order to lead and be followed”, says Guy. His book ‘Living Brave Leadership’ focuses on key tenants that drive capacity within this most important of arenas. “Within the pages of Living Brave Leadership you will find the 4 key mindsets that drive performance: Trust, Accountability, Bravery and Connection,” said Bloom.

The companion podcast ‘LeadershipBITES’ expounds on the lessons and is available on all streaming platforms as well as the Living Brave website. Within the podcast, Bloom speaks with a diverse array of expert guests and thought leaders, such as Dave Ulrich HR Guru, John Evans Commanding General of Fort Knox, HR Practitioners and thought leaders from industry and education, as well as his own insights on leadership. “This is a great combination of book and podcast that can only enhance anyone’s journey in leadership,” said Bloom. If you are looking to improve your leadership skills, then join the ‘Living Brave’ community today!

About Guy Bloom and ‘Living Brave’

Guy Bloom is an acclaimed executive educator, author, podcaster and sports coach. Through his decades of leadership experience, he has distilled his method into his book ‘Living Brave Leadership’ and its companion podcast ‘LeadershipBITES’. If you are interested in learning more about the Living Brave community and taking your leadership to the next level, please reach out today at the below resources:

Living Brave Leadership (Book)

LeadershipBITES (Podcast)

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