All Hail the New and Improved Spill King

Spill King has been conquering spills since 1994, with products that are better than ever.

In the same way that there is no such thing as a smooth sailing life, there is no such thing as a mess free world, literally and figuratively. While taking on life’s hurdles is one thing, cleaning up messes in forms of spills are way easier especially with the help of Spill King.

“The Spill King represents generations of royal spillers who have joined forces and set out to master the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective spill clean-up methods known to man,” this is how the team at Spill King introduces the brand. No wonder that their tagline, “Conquering spills since 1994” has truly captured the brand’s identity in the market.

Proudly made in the USA, Spill King’s Liquid Spill Remover is a lightweight high-performance absorbent powder that quickly removes liquid spills, leaving surfaces clean and dry. Currently, the all-purpose absorbent comes in a 1.28 gallon jug, 1.5 cu ft bag, and a 60 cu ft bulk bag. But since Spill King is working on its relaunch in the market with its new distribution partners, their liquid spill remover will soon be replacing the 1.28 gallon jug with a 3.25LB pouch to give customer more product for less, while also adding a 50LB box option for customers looking for maximum cost savings.

Spill King is well-known in the industry because it’s effective, affordable, and easy to use. How does Spill King’s Liquid Spill remover work? Just apply the absorbent powder to “instantly soak up your liquid spills watch your spills disappear- leaving your workplace clean, dry and safe from slip & fall accidents.” Who would have thought that cleaning up would be that convenient with just the use of a single product? No wonder that other brands cannot beat the king when it comes to spills.

In ensuring a spill free place, Spill King is also launching the Spill Station package, it’s a kit that ensures easy spill management for any workplace. Specifically, the Spill Station is packed with a wire rack, telescope broom with squeegee, dustpan with hand brush, trash bag roll, spill station sign, bilingual directional sign, and of course the king itself, the Spill King all-purpose absorbent.

Aside from effectiveness in quickly cleaning out spills, Spill King’s products are also environmentally friendly. There are no traces of leaching elements and carcinogens in Spill King’s formula, allowing its customers to save around 50 to 70% on spill clean-up costs.

Spill King reigns with a reason, check out their products and experience the spill king effect by visiting their website at

About Spill King LLC

Spill King LLC is a United States manufacturer and distributor of liquid spill clean-up products. Since its founding in 1994, it has become famous for its all-purpose absorbent.

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