HeyAuto Automotive Marketplace Offers Fresh Way to Buy Cars Online

HeyAuto offers a seamless, leading-edge way to buy new and used cars from local dealerships in Canada.

July 30, 2021 – HeyAuto, the new, leading-edge online automotive marketplace in Canada, has reimagined the pre-existing way of buying cars online: and uses AI to do it. The platform leverages AI and machine learning along with a combination of intuitively integrated tools to curate a seamless experience for both car buyers and dealerships.

Looking to provide a fresh alternative for the modern car shopper, three Calgarian entrepreneurs set their sights on simplifying and beautifying the entire car buying experience – and succeeded. Since its recent launch in 2020, HeyAuto has gained thousands of dealerships and has over 100,000 vehicles listed across Canada: https://heyauto.com/.

“The online automotive industry is light-years behind and all users, not just the car buyer, deserve something better. HeyAuto brings this to the table,“ says Neil Gruninger, HeyAuto investor, Top 40 under 40 winner and Co-founder of Kidoodle.TV.

While most other industries are booming with gamified, interactive platforms, why should car buying be any different? HeyAuto was created in-house to make shopping for a car feel as easy as scrolling through social media – and it is getting attention from more and more young, mobile-motivated professionals across the country every day.

”HeyAuto was built to challenge all pre-existing limits within the online automotive industry. The platform streamlines the entire process of buying and selling vehicles,” says Brent Lane, HeyAuto CEO. “It’s a brand new platform to match the new age of the automotive industry.”

HeyAuto proves that successful concepts can be brought to commercialization regardless of industry size and provides a fresh take on car buying for the modern user. Experience the new way to buy a car at https://heyauto.com/.

About HeyAuto

Incepted in 2020, HeyAuto is a leading-edge Canadian online vehicle marketplace based in Calgary, Alberta. Brought to life by Brent Lane, Brett Jones and Andrew Moss, the platform was built entirely in-house and already has thousands of dealerships and over 100,000 vehicles.

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