From a Computer Science Student to TikTok Star: The success story of JaySpanks

TikTok has one of the world’s greatest algorithms when it comes to discovering talented individuals. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of those individuals who was discovered on TikTok.

We interviewed Jacob Fraizer who goes by @jayspanks across social media platforms. The success story of the TikTok star is quite inspirational. He somehow gained around 3 million fans in a year. Mr. Fraizer was a Software developer before fame, but that all changed with one clip. His career started a year ago when Jacob was studying Computer Science at UC San Diego. He was on his way to a life behind a desk. At this time he was an ordinary college kid that was unaware of his hidden talent.

One of his best friends introduced him to TikTok, and at first Fraizer “thought the app was for kids, so I brushed it off”. Jacob decided to download the TikTok app, and after a few weeks he started making videos for fun. He was aware of the power of social media sites, but thought it was, “a bit embarrassing to take social media seriously”. He started uploading quality content that attracted some followers, and a few of his videos went viral. He told us “after a few nights of research, I found out people can make a living just by making TikToks”.  Now, his main focus was to create content that provides value to the viewers.

A few months of consistent posting, and he had amassed a following of over 100k people. Fraizer told us that, “at first, most of my videos revolved around following existing trends on the platform.” However, in order for him to stand out, he started to create trends of his own. He successfully started a couple of trends, including “hide and seek” videos. The hide and seek  trend garnered 30+ million views on his page in less than a week. His following grew exponentially and Fraizer hasn’t looked back.

Jacob has inspired millions with his creative ideas and quality content. He is one of the few TikTok stars who gained around 3 million followers in one year.

This emerging TikTok star was on his way to become a software developer when he decided to pursue his dreams. These days Jacob is planning to move to Los Angeles to give a push to his career. In L.A., he plans to collaborate with other social media stars, something he hasn’t been able to do in his hometown. We plan to reach out to Mr. Fraizer as he settles into L.A.

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