Dr. Olivier Gerbault Changes The Way People See Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, also known as rhinosculpture or piezo rhinoplasty, is a new process that precisely reshapes the nose with new miniaturized instruments developed by Dr. Gerbault in 2013.

In 2013, French cosmetic surgeon Dr. Olivier Gerbault completely changed the world of rhinoplasty. This cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape and reduce a client’s nasal bone. Rhinoplasty was a very invasive surgery that often required doctors to scrape and chisel at the client’s nose.

Dr. Gerbault believed there had to be a better way to approach this aesthetic surgery. That is why he came up with ultrasonic rhinoplasty, a less aggressive way of performing rhinoplasty. For this surgery, Dr. Gerbaullt developed a set of miniaturized instruments to perform the surgery. The outcome looks amazing and it’s much easier for everyone involved.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty sees positive results

Many people have fantasized about getting rhinoplasty, but decide not to because they are nervous about the procedure. Dr. Gerbault has a way of making his clients feel comfortable about the procedure. The main part of this aesthetic surgery that eases customers’ worries is that the doctor is able to correct the nose in exactly the right spot to avoid defects. 

This surgery can help people achieve the nose they have been dreaming about. It can be used to correct:

  • Nose humps
  • Wider noses
  • Asymmetric noses
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Bone asymmetry; more

When doctors perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty, they are able to correct the bone while it’s in their direct vision. The reason there are so many defects with old fashion rhinoplasty techniques is that the bone was essentially being broken blindly. Even the most experienced plastic surgeon can make rhinoplasty mistakes using the old technique.

Leading cosmetic surgeon in France

Dr. Gerbault has earned himself a very positive reputation for the work he has done in France. His innovative ideas have helped the aesthetic surgery industry grow immensely. This is one doctor who wakes up with the goal of finding more ways to help people feel beautiful. He uses the safest procedures to help people achieve the look they have been dreaming of.

Clients feel secure booking a consultation with Dr. Gerbault because his results speak for themself. Each day he adds another satisfied client to his book. Dr. Gerbault is dedicated to staying ahead in the industry. He always attends many events and consultations throughout the year, where he can interact with some of the world’s top cosmetic doctors. This helps him stay on top of all the latest cosmetic surgery news.

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