Telling the story of Rangtang’s cultural tourism, the anime promotional film “Dorje and Ram take you to Rangbala” officially launches

On July 28th, the party committee and government of Rangtang County launched the animation promotional film “Dorje and Ram take you to Rangbala”.

The protagonist of the animation promotional film is based on the tourism mascot of Rangtang: the treasure mice Sonan Dorje and Isy Ram held in the hands of the Huang Caishen (God of Treasure). The film tells the story of the two protagonists searching for elements of color in the common world in order to fill in a colorless thangka and in turn start a tour of the beautiful Rangbala, connecting various scenic spots in Rangtang.

They come to Haizi Mountain and use Hada to absorb the blue element.

They find the red element in the Zengke Temple Cultural tourism scenic spot.

The walls of the Risi Manba blockhouse provide them with the yellow element.

In the national protection of wetland in nanmoqie Plateau, they absorb the green element from the grasslands.

On the Xiangla Dongji holy mountain, they find the white element in the churning sea of clouds.

After collecting the color elements, they return to the Rangbala cultural scenic spot and transfer the colors to the thangka and make it vivid again.

Through the journey of the two mascots, the promotional film also shows the beautiful natural scenery and profound cultural heritage of Rangtang.

According to reports, the animation promotional film is dedicated to telling the story of Rangtang’s cultural tourism. It is another fantastic work after the successful establishment of the Rangbala cultural scenic spot and the highlands forest eco-tourism demonstration zone in Rangtang County.

“Rangbala” is a beautiful alternative name for Rangtang, and it is also the place where Caishen (god of treature) lives in the legends. Rangtang County is located in the western part of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous State at the junction of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai. It has beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural history, breathtaking cultural heritage, winding roads that extened into the sky, holy snow-capped mountains, and clear seas. Together, they form a magical and magnificent scenery.

The party committee and government of Rangtang have vigorously and orderly promoted the in-depth integration of culture and tourism, focused on providing excellent cultural products and high-quality tourism products, aimed to implement the strategies of “culture +” and “tourism +”, steadily promoted the development of integrated demonstration projects, and continued to expand the fame and influence of the “Highlands’ Purity·Rangbala” tourism brand.

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