Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison on Enabling Success for Countless Women through Her Empowerment-Oriented Initiatives

Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison on Enabling Success for Countless Women through Her Empowerment-Oriented Initiatives

An endless combination of factors can serve as the impetus behind a go-getter’s drive to make a difference not only in their industry but also in the lives of others. For Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison, the change-making efforts she exerts toward helping African American female coaches and consultants eliminate negative self-talk, and self-sabotaging behaviors are grounded in the overarching mission of enabling them to realize their potential. Armed with the belief that women can transform into the best versions of themselves and thrive even amid challenges so long as they’re empowered, this licensed clinical social worker is going all-out in providing avenues for growth for those under her wing.

Born and raised in Michigan, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison has been in the field since 1994. After expanding her set of competencies by pursuing higher education, she then started her practice as a licensed social worker in 2003. Throughout her career, the highly respected figure has crossed paths with countless African American women, most of whom shared the same struggle to realize their self-worth. Intimately privy to the debilitating impact of the inability to see beyond one’s perceived inadequacies and shortcomings, she set her eyes on the goal of teaching others how to gain the unshakeable confidence she’s managed to develop over the years. 

Today, cognizant of the concerning number of individuals at any given time who are struggling with their sense of worth and suffering from low self-esteem, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison is banking on her extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the human psyche to spearhead Realizing Your Potential LLC, a purpose-driven initiative that aims to inspire and empower African American women everywhere. Through this brainchild of hers, she maneuvers coaches and consultants toward the right direction, lending them a hand as they create and enforce effective strategies designed to eliminate the self-destructive behaviors hindering them from taking their businesses to the next level.

In pushing her clients toward the heights they’re meant to reach, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison goes the extra mile to equip them with the knowledge they need. She doesn’t only shed light on how to stay motivated and increase one’s productivity but also dives into the ways people can embrace a success-enabling perspective. Additionally, this passion-fueled figure provides a virtual platform where entrepreneurs can receive opportunities for personal, professional, and leadership development. 

Apart from standing at the helm of Realizing Your Potential LLC, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison serves as the executive channel producer of A Queen’s Round Table Channel and the host of A Queen’s Round Table quarterly symposium, TV show and podcast. Her role in these illuminating platforms, which highlight fempreneurs who have found their voice and broken the chains of the past, has earned her acclaim and propelled her toward the limelight. So far, this powerhouse has taken center stage during the Black, Bold & Beautiful Girlboss Tour, Level Up Summit, Power Up Summit, Girl Be Courageous Summit, I Am Enough Clubhouse Summit, The League Of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Summit, Ambitious Moms Summit, World Voice League Summit, Women Of Impact Leadership Summit, Self-care For Women Summit, and many others.

Despite her impressive portfolio and the numerous achievements under her belt, Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In the years to come, she plans to establish an academy dedicated to serving African American women as well as own a television network with programs geared towards the empowerment and upliftment of the Black community.

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