Korean Taegeukgi introduced by a Korean American rapper

A personal SNS photo from Korean American rapper Jessi, who is popular in Korea, is becoming a trending topic not only in Korea, but around the world.


Jessi made her South Korean debut in 2005 and has since gone on to become a massively popular celebrity through a program called Unpretty Rapstar in 2015. She also participated in the Universal Republic Record event held in L.A., USA, and is gaining popularity in the United States as well. On her Instagram, she wrote, ‘Grew up in Jersey but my heart’s in SEOUL…’ with a picture of her wearing a cap engraved with the Korean Taegeukgi, which drew attention from netizens and fans.

Fans who feel that she, as a Korean American, has a lot of love for Korea praise for her as ‘cool’ and ‘the best rapper in Korea’. The reason Jessi’s photo has become a hot topic is because her cap holds a lot of meaning.

This cap is a Lakai KR ball cap, made by the small Korean fashion company Lakai Korea. The point of the Taegeukgi patch is that it reinterprets the feeling of faded Taegeukgi over the years, representing the Taegeukgi used by independence activists during the Japanese colonial period. It expresses the patriotism of Korea through products and is very popular in Korea. In addition to the ball cap worn by Jessi, Jun Hyoseong, an actress and singer, introduced the beauty of hanbok in Times Square, New York, with Lakai Korea when China’s Northeast project intensified. She was given an honorary award for this. In addition, former member of the Korean boy group Wanna One, Ha Sung-woon, wore a bracelet engraved with the Taegeukgi which made people consider him as a good influence and was supported by many people. In fact, the company’s products, worn by many celebrities, are already very popular in Korea.

In addition to Taegeukgi, Lakai Korea has been focusing on promoting various historical symbols such as Dokdo and the Rising Sun flag in its products to inform the world of their meaning. In Korea, this company has a lot of support and many advocates, but in China and Japan, massive malicious comments and boycotts are continuing.

However, they said that it is natural to announce that what is Korea’s, such as hanbok, kimchi, bibimbap, and Taegeukgi, which are being threatened by China, is, in fact, Korea’s. Thanks to the positive support of many people, the company does not give in to malicious comments but rather suspends sales in the relevant countries and is even in the process of filing an international lawsuit against malicious commenters.

The company is currently making great strides in Korea. The New York Times Square advertisement, which was conducted internationally to correct the distortion of history, stands out. This is because it received global attention when it was broadcast on all six Reuters sign boards located in the center of Times Square, New York. What stood out about Lakai Korea is that they invested a huge amount of time and money to make that advertisement video, but they said they don’t mind the financial burden as it is used to promote Korean culture.

It is rare to find a company that informs others of the pain of their country and tries to correct the distortion of history.

I hope that more companies will show their love for their countries like Lakai Korea and that the world will be at peace. In fact, many Koreans support Lakai Korea which focuses on spreading the truth.

They show that they prioritize the public interest as Korean citizens over the interests of themselves as a company. They said that this is only the beginning and that they will continue to work on projects that can correct distortions in Korean history and will never give up. People around the world, along with Koreans, are paying attention to what kind of groundbreaking marketing they will utilize in the future.

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