Inspiration Icons Female Superhero Characters Empower Kids

ALBANY, NY – August 3, 2021 – Creator of The She Shift brand launched an original line of female superheroes called Inspiration Icons to empower kids. The characters represent diversity, empowerment and each character represents an important quality or value including kindness, positivity, wellness, leadership, integrity, confidence and success.

There are eight recently launched educational videos featuring the characters. One video is an overview of all the characters, and there’s a three-to-five-minute video for each character as well. Each character video includes a description of the female superhero, a lesson regarding the quality or value that she represents and an activity. In addition to the videos, there’s an activity worksheet for each character, that correlates with the activity in each video and a “Certificate of Achievement” for children as well.

The purpose of the characters is to represent girls and women globally, and to teach and instill core values and qualities in children in their formative stage in life. Instilling these important qualities and values at an early age can have an impact on children into adulthood. Building confidence and a positive self-image for kids plays a significant role in the rest of their lives as well. 

The cartoon aspect is meant to keep kids engaged and is focused on ages 6-11. This concept of “entertaining education” is to not only entertain, but to educate children regarding these important values and qualities. These characters and videos are meant to educate, empower, inspire and encourage young children.

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About Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark is the founder of The She Shift and Inspiration Icons. Melissa offers products and services to empower women and children. Melissa is an entrepreneur, published author, marketing specialist and women’s leadership professional in addition to a mentor for children.

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