New Mentoring Program Announced for Pediatric Chiropractic Practices

New Mentoring Program Announced for Pediatric Chiropractic Practices

Award-winning chiropractor, Dr. Eline Pedersen DC
Award-Winner Dr. Eline Pedersen Leads Movement for Healthy Moms and Children

August 3, 2021 – Finding non-invasive and drug-free relief from pain and health issues is an on-going concern for pregnant women and parents of young children. With this in mind, acclaimed health mentor, Dr. Eline Pedersen DC, has developed her new Eline Inspires Mentoring Program, sharing her 28 years of experience, skills, and knowledge with fellow chiropractors wanting to create their own Pediatric Chiropractic Practice.

Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body, including added pressure on joints, especially in the pelvis and spine. Many women find relief from chiropractors’ gentle massage techniques and manipulations. Infants and children also benefit from a modified technique using slight pressure and sustained release, bringing relaxation and calm to the patient. The Eline Inspires Mentoring Program helps chiropractors elevate their pediatric and pregnancy client base, creating a healthy start for the next generation. The program consists of one-to-one mentoring specific to the individual’s practice style and community. 

“When looking for a mentor I believe it’s important that they have personal hard earned experience, success in ventures and the ability to pass these skills on,” states Dr. Mike Marinus, MTech Chiro, MSc Paeds, FRCC. “Eline easily ticks all these boxes and then some. Mentee’s can expect a mixture of motivation, experience and excitement from her.”

Dr. Marcus Chacos, Chiropractor, Founder of Chiropractic Education Online, says, “Dr. Eline Pedersen is a truly unique individual. No only is she a deeply compassionate human being, she is an outstanding chiropractor and chiropractic and wellness thought leader. Her dedication to serving women and children is matched only by her ability to mentor others, empowering and equipping them to serve and raise awareness for the importance of natural birthing and harmonious living.”

Dr. Eline Pedersen is a noted chiropractor with three practices in Cyprus and Scotland. She is a founding member of the Birth Forward foundation and was a finalist for the 2019 Scotland Mentoring Award, honored at the 2019 Women Appreciating Women awards and featured as one of the 100 women trying to make the world a better place in the Women Appreciating Women’s book. Dr. Pedersen received an “Honoris Cause Doctorate of Humanity” specializing in Leadership (Academy of Universal Global Peace) and is an active advisor on several projects regarding human rights and health. Discover more at:

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