Ruisheng Company Sells New Sweeteners Psicose

Ruisheng company is committed to the development and promotion of new healthy sweeteners. The company newly launched psicose products, Psicose has the special function of regulating blood sugar and other beneficial to human health, and is evaluated as the most potential sucrose substitute in the food industry. Psicose as a six-carbon sparse ketose with almost zero calories, is an ideal and healthy food additive.

Psicose is made from fructose extracted from corn or sugar beet. Psicose is a natural product with high safety. Its structure is stable and can be used in various desserts, especially in baking products, which may improve the quality of cakes.

There are currently several main types of sweeteners, high-power sweeteners, starches, sugar alcohols, and oligosaccharides. High sweetness and starch sugar are only sweeteners, sugar alcohols and oligosaccharides have some health care functions, and are often used in some more high-end products. The most common advertisements for oligosaccharides are bifidos, prebiotics, and the like.

High sweeteners include stevia, sucralose, acesame, aspartame, licorice sweet, saccharin sodium, cyclamate, neotame, mohan fruit sweet and so on. Sweetness is generally tens of times to hundreds of times of sucrose, the amount of food added is very small, but the price is expensive.
Starch sugars include glucose, maltose, high fructose syrup, and fructose. Starch sugar generally has syrup and crystalline sugar in two states. Starch sugar is generally as sweet as sucrose or slightly less sweet than sucrose, which is cheaper than sucrose. At present, the substitution effect of sucrose is obvious, especially in drinks. Among them, crystalline fructose is the only starch sugar with health care function, because it does not participate in blood glucose metabolism.

Sugar alcohols include mannitol, sorbitol, erythritol, maltitol, xylitol, and iso-maltol. Sugar alcohols are generally less sweet than sucrose, but they have health benefits. The most famous is xylitol, which prevents tooth decay.

Oligosaccharides have soybean oligosaccharides, galactose oligosaccharides, xylose oligosaccharides, fructose oligosaccharides, isomaltose oligosaccharides and so on. The sweetness is also less than sucrose, but the health function is the strongest

Ruisheng company currently sells sweetener products including stevia glycosides, aspartame, trehalose, erythritol, Xylo-oligosaccharides, sucralose, neotame etc.

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