Wayland Asset Management hires Daniel Hunter as Senior Portfolio Manager

Wayland Asset Management hires Daniel Hunter as Senior Portfolio Manager

With the recent implementation of the New Client Induction Program, Wayland Asset Management are also adding new key members to their team.

With the forecast of adding numerous new clients in the following year, they believe they will have to have additions join the team to accommodate for the rapid growth. Wayland Assets Managements plan is to still keep the very close and personal relationship they tend to build with their clients. With the plan of action to take on so many new clients they believe that it is the right move to also expand their core team so that the very root and foundation of the companies DNA does not alter.

Daniel Hunter started this week and a company representative said:

“We are very excited to have Daniel here with us at Wayland Asset Management. We are certain that he will be a fantastic addition and will fit in seamlessly with the great team we have built already.

“With our client base growing, it is very important that we also grow at the same rate with our core team so we can keep up with our clients demands. Daniel will certainly help greatly and we look forward to having him with us for a long time.”

Wayland Asset Management will more than likely be hiring for other major roles in the very near future. With more positions being created to accommodate for the growth, there will be many new faces with the company, helping to hopefully push for even more success.

It will be an interesting and exciting time for the company to see if they can keep on track and continue to build on their amazing track record and to see if they can handle the demands of the influx of the new clientele as well as the existing ones.

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