Top Real Estate Agents of San Jose, CA, Share Things Most Clients Overlook When Buying Or Selling

The virus seems to be on the decline as more and more people are eligible for the vaccine. The number of homes moving into and off of the market has continued to be strong.

One of the leading real estate agents of San Jose CA, Sandy Jamison, notes that while the market is strong, many people are looking at the wrong factors when it comes to moving a home.

“So many are looking at three things: price, commission and marketing. These are certainly important, but they are missing one huge factor – the agent,” said Jamison.

Jamison means a real estate selling agent in San Jose, California, should have one particular skill above all others – the ability to be a consummate salesperson without being too pushy or rude. This is a soft skill that many in the real estate industry do not have or understand.

“Everyone who is moving a home property wants to maximize their value of the home. They can do quite a bit to help, but in the end, it is the agent who will be doing the work of moving the home. This means all San Jose CA Realtors have to have the ability to negotiate on the seller’s behalf,” continued Jamison.

Jamison has a dynamic and active website available. Properties are continually moving on and off of the site, and regular visits are necessary to find a home of the potential buyer’s dream. Sandy Jamison has buyers, and the Jamison Team guarantees the sale.

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