High school dropout grows his art to a 6 figure art business

Pittsburgh, PA – Malcolm Xavier dropped out of high school at the age of 16 but that didn’t stop him from growing his art empire into a lucrative 6 Figure Business.

Popular art influencer and Instagram artist Malcolm Xavier will hold his first solo exhibit titled “Alter Ego” at the .5 Gallery located 407 1/2 Butler Street Etna, Pennsylvania. The showing begins August 7, 2021 running through September 7, 2021.

“My solo exhibit has been a long time coming and it’s been a journey which displays my appreciation of culture, and reflects on the pain and love we encounter daily.” Malcolm explains. Before creating his exhibit, Malcolm has kept his work in the spotlight via Art exhibitions, Magazines, Pop up shops, Various Gallery placements and social media.

The “Alter Ego” Exhibit Will display Malcolm Xavier’s signature combination of bold acrylic pour art, Collages and abstract flair! Malcolm creates pieces that are filled with unique usage of color, patterns, & textures that captivates audiences Across the world. With the introduction of the new Pink Pablo collection many art collectors are lining up for this premier. The combination of the two art styles explodes off the walls of the gallery in an extraordinary way.

When asked what inspired this newly found fusion of art styles Malcolm Xavier says he was inspired by author Todd Herman’s book “The Alter Ego Effect” which contributed to him overcoming his creative insecurities & giving birth to his identity as “Pink Pablo”. Malcolm further describes this experience as 2 artists, 1 mind.

“I’m Privileged to share this staple in my creative journey with the world.” – Malcolm Xavier

To learn more about Malcolm Xavier’s solo exhibit, visit www.macolmxavier.com

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