Tyler Feller Inspires Leaders With His New Podcast

Tyler Feller Inspires Leaders With His New Podcast

On August 3, 2021, Tyler Feller released the first season of “The Don’t Stop Podcast”. Each episode of this unique podcast features well-known guests who have their own inspiring story. Feller believes that every person has a dream that God placed inside of them. The tales that are told during these podcasts are meant to inspire his listeners to never give up on their dream. 

The guests who have appeared on “Don’t Stop” season 1 have all overcome big challenges while chasing their dreams. Feller has been inspired by some of these guests himself, which is why he was determined to get them on this podcast. 

Don’t Stop: Episode 1 with Tim Storey

The first episode of Don’t Stop features a very special guest, Tim Storey. Storey has made a name for himself as an A-list Hollywood life coach. This man is dedicated to making the changes that can really turn a person’s life around. He has worked with many big-name celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr., Kanye West, and more. 

Even Quincy Jones has spoken out on Storey’s behalf, referring to him as the “voice of a generation”. Storey did not disappoint in his episode either, as he shares his ways on how to find the favor of God.

Don’t Stop: Episode 2 with Shawn Bolz

Keys to Heaven’s Economy is a best-selling book written by Shawn Bolz. In this episode, Bolz shares his wisdom with listeners on how to hear God’s voice. Bolz has had an impressive career and he’s consulted with some of the top names in the world. Many people know of Bolz for his prolific speaking career and work with world leades, A-list celebrities, and top executives. 

Don’t Stop: Episode 3 with Bob Russell

For the third episode of this instalment, Feller was able to arrange guest speaker Bob Russell to stop by. Russell retired from Southeast Christian Church in 2006 but he is still very active in the faith community. When Russell was at the church, the congregation grew from 120 to over 30,000 members. Feller was fortunate enough to be able to get Russell to speak about his thoughts on the future of the church.

More to come

While Don’t Stop currently has 3 episodes for listeners to tune into, Feller doesn’t plan to stop it there. Every Tuesday new episodes will be released. Future episodes have already been recorded, which feature Grammy award-winning artists, popular influencers, American Idol alum, and more. Anyone who enjoys this podcast can look forward to Feller’s upcoming book “Don’t Stop”, which will be released in November.

To stay in the loop of Don’t Stop, follow Feller’s Instagram page at http://instagram.com/tylerfeller

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