The “Poems to Ponder Including Poet is Penury” by Author Francis Rawlison takes readers on a beautiful literacy Journey of hope and Contemplation

Poems to Ponder Including Poet is Penury by Francis Rawlinson, is a collection of Poems that allow readers to ponder, contemplate and seek inspiration from nature.

Poetry is one of the best forms of art that allow people to connect and share ideas and emotions in a meaningful way. Some people read poetry to share their grief and suffering, while for others, poetry serves as an escape from the mundane routine. Whatever the reason is, one thing common among all poems is their ability to connect with readers instantly, providing hope and challenging people to look at the world from different perspectives. “Poems to Ponder Including Poet is Penury” by Francis Rawlinson, is one such collection of poems that take readers on a beautiful literacy journey and challenge them to look at everyday objects, events, and beliefs as muses of their poetry.  

Francis Rawlinson, the author of the poetry book, takes pride in writing poems that allow readers to connect and empathize with others. By acknowledging their emotions, reflecting on their lives and contemplating the magnificent nature around them, these poems allow readers to share their pain, resonate with others and empathize with the world in a better way. All the poems in this compilation are emotional and accessible to the everyday reader. What’s more impressive about these poems is the author’s attention to the rhyming craft, making the book more special to read.  

Francis Rawlison, the author of Poems to Ponder Including Poet is Penury started writing poetry in 1996, after completing elementary education, advancing in the military and serving in trade and menial occupations. Soon after kick-starting this journey, Francis got two booklets published and have had more than a hundred poems in anthologies since the onset of the poetical undertaking of three editors’ choice with the International Library of Poets. In addition to this, Francis has also released a few short stories and a total of twenty-two songs which were all well received by the audience. The recently launched poetry book of Francis Rawalison is a great read for all the poetry lovers and the readers just beginning their literary journey with poetry. Poetry fans who find inspiration in poets such as William Carlos will also find this book noteworthy and enjoy reading the collection of poems. Some standards pieces in this book include “Departed,” Seasons Come and Go,” “The Butcher,” and “The Garden Re-Enacts.”  

About the Book

Poems to Ponder: Including Poet in Penury is a collection of Poems by author Frank Rawlison. The book inspires the readers to reflect on their life, contemplate nature and find musings in the most ordinary things around them. Frank Rawlison, is an established writer and has published more than 100 poems since the onset of poetical undertaking three editors’ choices with the International Library of Poets. Besides this, Frank has released several songs and authored short stories to inspire people through music and literature. 

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