Markus Vossi’s New Book ‘Parnassus’ Figures Out Unique Human Experiences with Fresh Poetry

Raw experiences need to be defined and given a shape and form. Taking up such experiences and giving them a poetic form is Markus Vossi, who has recently published his new book, ‘Parnassus, Selected Writing and Poems.’ The book encapsulates the experiences, observations, and moments of realization a human undergoes during his life. Furthermore, the book reflects on the importance of a true heart and how it leads to the emergence of the true self.

“This book is a series of poetry written in a style where I experimented with the word, and like all poetry, it became something in itself and of itself, ” said Markus Vossi.

The book threads together poems as seen through the eyes of an observer on the adventure called life. The author aims to create a sense of awakening of the mind, soul, and body through his work. In the introduction, Markus also refers to Basho, a revered poet of the Edo period in Japan. He says, “It was the spirit of Basho moving his legs on his journey that he came to many realizations and the poems.”

California has always been a place of comfort for Markus. It’s here that he has spent his childhood learning about language and training in arts like Kenpo, Wing-Chun, Jeet-Kune-Do, wrestling, Bujinkahn, and more. Throughout his journey, Markus placed his focus on journeying to grow, develop and strengthen the inner self. Years later, his mantra to know oneself remains the same. At present, he shares his knowledge as a high school English teacher in Northern California.

Parnassus, in his verses, manages to bring together the feelings that humans often fail to agree or say. He aims to detach art from the barriers of language. The book serves as an anthology of human experiences that shine like mirrors in a kaleidoscope. The light here is the poetry that embodies the natural experiences with a natural rhythm.

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