Abhilash Sahoo: How A Visionary Internet Entrepreneur Became The Key For Startups During Covid-19

Abhilash Sahoo is a digital marketing Entrepreneur, who has built his identity by creating a chain of successful businesses that fills the gap between growing digital marketing techniques and businesses. Abhilash is well-known for turning problems into an opportunity.

Digital marketing campaigns and techniques have become a necessity for every business. And to be successful in digital marketing, you need the right guidance from a professional digital marketer. There is no denying the fact that being successful in today’s extremely competitive digital marketing world needs proper skills and dedication. And Abhilash Sahoo has everything that a successful digital marketer calls for. He has the apt skills and experience to guide to flourish in the eCommerce industry. Abhilash Sahoo has been inspiring many youngsters to start their own business and he is considered as one of India’s most efficient digital marketers who loves sharing his success stories with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Abhilash being a renowned branding strategist, established his own business at an early age of 17. And now, by the age of 30, along with having multiple startups of his own, he has helped many aspirants to start their own business ventures. Abhilash believes that if you stay focused towards your goal and work hard to achieve it, then sky is the limit.

More About Abhilash Sahoo

Abhilash Sahoo hails from Bhubaneswar, which is popularly known as the temple city of India. He is a well-known face in the field of digital marketing, branding and web development. He has completed his Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. During his college days, he used to organise many seminars and workshops on web development and ethical hacking in reputed engineering colleges across the state.

At the age of 17, he founded Infyways Solutions, which caters to the digital marketing needs of various niches and industries. He is a firm believer of the idea that you can fulfil all your dreams when you start believing in yourself. He is young, enthusiastic and a go-getter who has proved that age is just a number when it comes to establishing, changing, and reforming great digital marketing innovations.

Hardworking Man With Limitless Vision

The hard work, resilience, and skills of this young and creative digital marketing expert, have made him one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs. He has been working with many national and international clients as well as established companies since the last 15 years. His excellent entrepreneurial skills, dedication and commitment towards his work has helped many companies and businesses to successfully thrive in the internet arena. After working for years as a successful web developer and digital marketing expert, Abhilash is now also working as a professional branding strategist in India and has already made a niche in the field by assisting many startups and renowned multinationals globally for his excellent branding and marketing ideas.

How Abhilash Helped Businesses During the Pandemic?

Even in the trying times of Covid-19, he has been actively involved in helping small and medium scale businesses and startups to build their brand image in the digital world and sustain during this crisis period. In 2020, when the entire world was suffering from the havoc of the pandemic, he started MoBhai, an online home delivery service which provides, all the daily essentials such as grocery, fruits, vegetables and cooked meals to people in his city. Expanding its horizon, MoBhai now has three more franchises in the state. Being a problem solver, Abhilash understood the gravity of the situation and came up with this idea to resolve the difficulties that people were facing even to fulfil their basic needs. For all his noble efforts, he was featured in leading e-magazines and international journals. Below are few post-pandemic digital marketing techniques that Abhilash believes, can help startups and small-scale businesses in maintaining their foothold in the market in the present situation:

Retaining The Customers:

Being digitally active is the new normal for everyone. So channelising the power of internet has become vital for every business to thrive in this competitive world. You need to very well understand what your target audience will think, feel, do or expect next as the competition is fierce.

Understanding The Trends:

Prominent and meaningful acceleration to the existing trends took place during this pandemic – some have achieved huge success while some are still struggling. You, as an organisation, need to understand which trends will cater to your targeted audience and follow the trends accordingly.

Launching Promotional Offers:

As the market has slowly started to reopen, launching exclusive deals and promotional offers is the best way to hold your existing customers while inviting interested ones. Announcing and advertising those offers on social media platforms will be a cherry on the cake.

Bridging The Gap:

Undoubtedly, social distancing has created a huge gap between brands and their customers.With effective online marketing and branding strategies, you need to bridge that gap and reach out to more audiences. Making your targeted customers feel like a part of your organisation should be your topmost priority.

Streamlining Communication:

Covid-19 has changed customers’ priorities and behaviour. So your brand’s previous communication strategy may not be as effective as pre-pandemic times. Thus, you have to redesign your communication channels and update the newsletters you will be sending out in future. The content that you are creating must target your customers’ current priorities, wishes and needs.

Being a leading digital marketing strategist, an entrepreneur, and also a branding whiz all at the same time is no joke. But Abhilash, with his dedication, innovative thought process, extensive knowledge and skills to understand the upgrading algorithm of digital marketing succeeded in achieving his goals. Even at such a young age, his views, ideas, understanding, and thought process about digital marketing are far more advanced.

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