Jazmine Mendez is helping women around the world to improve chronic health issues and reduce medications naturally via her group coaching programs

Jazmine Mendez, Founder of Vital Wellness LLC, is offering group coaching programs and courses to help women improve their health and happiness naturally with a plant based diet!

Wisconsin, USA – Jazmine Mendez has been a Registered Nurse in the mental health field for over 5 Years and has been researching and implementing a plant based lifestyle for over 3.5 Years. She started her own wellness journey after watching close family members struggle with chronic obesity, cancer and diabetes. As a community nurse she also works with patients every day who struggle with chronic mental illness and chronic health conditions. She stumbled upon plant based living after watching a documentary “Forks Over Knifes” on Netflix, and changed her eating habits immediately. In the past 3.5 Years she’s lost 43lbs and started a coaching business to teach women how to lose weight naturally. 

Jazmine has worked with women in their 50’s and 60’s who struggle with low metabolism, high blood pressure, arthritis and pain; after completing her 90 day program one woman in her 60’s lost 37lbs, reduced her blood pressure medication and improved her arthritis by simply changing their diet. Jazmine also works with busy moms who struggle to find time for their health goals; one client in her 30’s had been overweight and on blood pressure medication for over a decade and was able to lose 30lbs and eliminate the medication and high blood pressure in only 60 days. 

Currently, Jazmine Mendez is offering several different group coaching programs depending on the client’s weight loss and health goals. She is inspiring women all around the world to adopt a healthier lifestyle that promotes their health and happiness, and in turn helps them lose weight and prevent chronic health issues.

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