A New Era in Both Solar Powered Lighting and CCTV Security is Emerging

There is a growing need worldwide for solar-powered lighting for its efficiency and cost-savings.  ClodeSun, located in Shenzhen, China, is responding to this need and advancing the lighting with security features such as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) that is built into the solar-powered lighting system. 

All criteria are met in regard to the manufacturing of solar street lights and ClodeSun engineers take every client flawlessly through the process of purchase and installation.  The addition now of CCTV security features has catapulted the popularity of ClodeSun products

Well received in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, the technology is well manufactured and a great all-in-one solution that is also waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, and of course, easily maintained.  There is no need to install both solar-powered lighting and a security system with this new all-in-one solution. 

A lithium battery with a built-in motion sensor adds to the attractiveness of this product for both corporate, government, and private usages.  Well-lighted roads and pathways will also have monitoring using the CCTV feature that is integrated.  The technology chips used are more illuminatory and more sensory oriented, leading to a brighter outside space, with more motion detection than other standard models sold by other companies. 

No visible video flash adds to the appeal as intruders have no idea that CCTV apparatus is in play, and therefore are caught in the act of intrusion much easier.  This type of capability is due to the use of the intelligent driver that ClodeSun uses in the solar-powered lighting and CCTV security product. 

Low brightness occurs without any motion but the technology switches effortlessly to high brightness when any motion is detected giving a layer of protection from intruders that was unheard of previously This two-color temperature technology introduces a feature in this product that was unheard of previously. 

White light is suggested for business usage, corporations, public spaces, and government needs.  The warmer colored lighting is preferred by many private homeowners as there is less glare, and it not only makes a property secure but is aesthetically more pleasing to homeowners. 

Part of the ‘S’ Series’ of products by ClodeSun, the compact nature of the products in this line makes installation and maintenance much easier.  Since the light brightens upon movement the energy savings are enormous since when no motion is detected the brightness diminishes automatically. 

All-in-one solar streetlights for wider spaces, walkways, paths, and playgrounds are also available for purchase and are also seeing tremendous growth amongst clients worldwide that seek energy-saving solar-powered solutions that do include CCTV security features.  The usages of the solar-powered CCTV inclusive models are truly wide and varied, and these are solutions that many worldwide have been seeking and can now find for purchase through ClodeSun.

There is a full range of all-in-one solar-powered lighting with CCTV security cameras available for every need and every budget through ClodeSun.  Consultants can advise on all products and are happy to do so at any time.  Installation is available and can also be discussed.

About ClodeSun Solar-Powered Manufacturing

Located in Shenzhen, China, this manufacturer of solar-powered streetlights, has added a series of lighting that includes CCTV for added security that is easy to maintain and is quite affordable.  There is a form on the website for quick contact as well as a full explanation of the types of solar-powered lighting with CCTV monitoring apparatus that is included.  In business since 2013, this top provider of solar-powered lighting keeps producing products that meet clients’ demands. 

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