Easily Chart and Bill High Volumes of Flu Vaccines with TempDev’s Flu Vaccine NextGen EHR Template

Easily Chart and Bill High Volumes of Flu Vaccines with TempDev's Flu Vaccine NextGen EHR Template

“Due to the popularity of TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR template, TempDev is now offering an updated Flu Vaccine NextGen EHR template to easily chart and bill high volumes of flu vaccines, improving staff time and productivity.”

Due to the popularity of TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR template, the company is now offering an updated template to improve charting and billing for the flu vaccine. The template will save staff time and improve productivity, as users no longer have to go into each patient file to administer immunizations, easing the burden of inoculating the public against the upcoming flu season.

Laura Miller, the CEO of TempDev, says, “Our COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR template was an unmitigated success that allowed clients to achieve maximum throughput – even up to 3,000 vaccines a day! – in just a few clicks. It was such a hit that we have upgraded our already popular Flu Clinic NextGen EHR template to mimic the same look and feel to ensure an even more efficient, more user-friendly experience. Our clients are already raving about Flu Clinic 2.0!”

TempDev’s easy-to-use template makes running a high-volume flu vaccine clinic incredibly easy, requiring just three to five clicks per patient. The template allows clinical documentation for all flu vaccines given at a practice to be quickly added and includes a vaccine checklist for pediatric and adult patients. The software also allows users to review and update common allergies that need to be addressed before administering the flu vaccine.

The Flu Vaccine NextGen EHR template also makes billing much easier. The template provides billing configuration for VFC, Medicare, pediatrics and adults. Practices can ensure accurate billing for immunizations and ensure that the correct administration codes are used for all flu vaccines regardless of payer and age.

TempDev’s template utilizes the NextGen’s Vaccine Inventory to optimize the user experience to track usage and seamlessly integrates with the Immunization Registry Interfaces for public health reporting. The software is easy to implement with improved adoption and reduced training time needed for employees through YouTube training videos.

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TempDev is a healthcare IT consulting and technology firm focused on NextGen Healthcare software. They specialize in creating innovative and forward-thinking solutions, such as credit balance software, reporting dashboards, business intelligence solutions, and EHR templates.  TempDev has worked with some of the largest medical groups, private equity firms, and ASCs in the country. They have presented at the NextGen National User Group Meeting conference on multiple occasions.  TempDev offers consulting services for Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) and practice management software and are a NextGen Preferred Partner.

Laura Miller, a Computer Engineer, founded TempDev in 2007 and is currently the President and CEO of the company. She combines a technical background and business savvy to create holistic and sustainable solutions with positive financial and operational impacts. The mom of two also enjoys mentoring high-school girls in Miami and other philanthropy work.

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