Comfy Degree Innovates Products to Prevent Tech Neck

Comfy Degree innovates to prevent tech neck and optimize the use of gadgets with modern designs.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming more and more common for people to be sitting in front of screens for long periods of time. Children and even adults are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. And while these gadgets have many benefits to offer such as education and entertainment, it can be concerning when the person complains about neck or back pain.

Neck and back pain is an unfortunate reality for many, with the number of people diagnosed each year increasing at a staggering rate.

In 2004, 3% of the population had back problems and by 2011 that percentage rose to 16%. Now with an increase in usage of gadgets, this number will likely rise even more as people are spending longer periods sitting down at a desk or on their couch watching TV or looking downwards while watching their favorite show, playing their favorite online games, or reading their favorite ebook on their phones or tablets. Our bodies were not designed for these positions which can lead to pain in your neck and lower back – two major areas where you want it least!

Although there are many reasons for tech neck such as poor posture when sitting hours on end, improper use for children who have too heavy a device, or even back and neck pain in teenagers, there are ways to prevent these types of issues.

Some ways include exercising regularly, rehydrating, and taking breaks in between. It is a must that devices such as cellphones and tablets are positioned properly. This can be achieved through the use of a multifunctional neck pillow with a built-in tablet or cellphone holder just like Unravel Tech Cush. This type of neck pillows allows the user to read, play and watch devices hands-free making arms and hands relaxed and keep kids from looking down too much thus preventing Tech Neck.

Comfy Degree believed that it is necessary to address tech neck issues right away in order to prevent serious problems arising from it.
With this in mind, Comfy Degree creates innovation with its products to prevent Tech Neck. They have always had a passion for improving the experience of using gadgets in modern ways. Learn more about the unravel tech cush at

Comfy Degree has proven to be a brand that is interested in the wellness and well-being of its users.

Recent research has shown that necks are susceptible to pain and injury, with the strain from looking at a phone or tablets for too long being one of them. It is good to hear that companies such as Comfy Degree are looking at ways of preventing pain and injury in necks.

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