How Much Can A IHUB Hot Spot Actually Earn People with Their Affiliate Program

In this article you will learn about Internet of things or IOT and a new company that provides you with hot spot devices that will pay you to set them up in your home or office at no cost to you. See here:


There are over 8.4 BILLION devices or THINGS connected to the INTERNET. It is currently an $800 Billion dollar industry. In the next 5 years the industry is predicted to grow to a $3 TRILLION industry with 70 – 80 BILLION devices.

In 2013 the company Helium came up with the idea of collecting data from sensors and selling the data to companies that buy it for a lot less than they are paying now. Companies pay for it with a crypto currency called Helium or HNT created by the company Helium.

The company IHub Global was created to be a growth engine for the Hot Spot devices. IHub Global distributes the hot spots using an affiliate business model. 50% of the Helium revenue generated by a hot spot device is paid to an affiliate. The hot spot is first mining the crypto token Helium after it is set up. The Helium price is just above $18 a token right now. Mining HNT is how IHub makes money. The amount a hotspot can mine depends on a few different factors. Most hotspot owners do a poor job of deployment, earning on average 2 HNT/day or $33.62. An optimized hotspot with good placement should earn at least 8 HNT/day or $135.60 if not more. The top earning hotspot in the world mined 2,850 HNT over 30 days, I’ll let you do the dollar math there.  In the near future when there is sufficient density of the hot spot devices then these devices will be capturing data from the IOT and selling the data to companies for much less than it cost them now.

You can see what devices are earning here: While looking at the first page of the site you can scroll in to your location or any location you would like. Do you see the green dots? Those are active IHub devices.  Hover the computer hand over it then click on it. The hot spot will appear in a box on the screen. Click on the name of the hot spot on the top left of the box and it will give you details of that hot spot. Mainly it will tell you the earnings in HNT and the actual dollar amount of that particular hot spot. Remember the earnings for each IHub hot spot are very likely to increase as the number of devices activated increase.


Here’s how it works: IHUB gives people free helium hot spots to host. The host gets 50% of what it mines each month and 10-25% on their referrals and 5% off their referrals and so on.  However, the more hotspots that join the network, the less there are. At the end of April, there were only 24,000 hotspots online, compared to 100,000 now. So if you want to earn residual income every month just for setting up a hot spot once then you need to join me for Free Here:

The hot spots are free of charge! That’s right FREE! You do not have to pay any money to reserve a device. You actually make money from having the device plus with the IHUB Global affiliate program you can build a community of hot spots to really sky rocket your earnings.

After you register for free you can go into your back office, which you will see on the website so you can reserve your hot spot device at no cost. You can also add the shipping and installation addresses for others. That is the way you build clusters of Hot Spot communities so after the devices are shipped your communities will be ready to activate and that is the way you gain true residual income.

You can learn all about IHUB Global to get your hot spot and the affiliate program here:

The HOTSPOT uses about the same amount as an LED light bulb (5W) and only needs a power source and WI-FI. The Hotspots do not require any of your attention we will monitor online! 

Every HOME / BUSINESS that reads this article has the opportunity to own a piece of this growing industry.


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