BI demonstrated Camera-Based autonomous vehicle parking technology.

Nearly half of drivers hate parking. 20 percent of all vehicle accidents are as a result of parking. Blue Intelligence are introducing new technology to remove the problems of parking a vehicle.

Blue Intelligence, a company specializing in autonomous vehicle valet parking, demonstrated OC-AVP (Only Camera Autonmous Valet Parking) technology to the public today. Taking place at Samsung-dong Blue Parking lot, they used AI technology to make final parking simplified by using only camera images. Until now, autonomous valet parking was a method of recognizing other parked cars with an ultrasonic sensor and parking.

According to Blue Intelligence, it is the result obtained by training an autonomous vehicle through AI technology by inputting variables such as vehicle width, parking line width, and turning angle more than 1 million times to complete this technology.

A spokesman for Blue Intelligence explained: “This technology is a technology that has not been implemented by companies developing autonomous driving yet, and can be usefully used by drivers who are unfamiliar with parking or who want to park comfortably even if they are familiar drivers.”

In fact, Tesla’s Elon Musk has expressed his ambition to make autonomous vehicles operate only with cameras and AI without complex devices in the car. There were many skeptics about whether this would be possible, but it can be said that Blue Intelligence opened up possibilities with the demonstration of OC-AVP technology.

The most difficult part for drivers when they first learn to drive is parking. One of the main reasons why people fail their test is parking. According to new research, nearly half of drivers hate parking so it is not surprising why 229 million licensed drivers in the United States would like to see technology introduced to help with their parking phobia.

Blue Intelligence’s autonomous parking technology is expected to contribute to resolving the fear of parking and make parking much easier. Currently, Blue Intelligence is implementing a technology that allows the vehicle to park itself by judging by AI only with two sensors without installing a separate facility in the parking lot.

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