Still Worried About Summer Humidity? Get Best NABAIDUN Dehumidifier

People who commonly get allergies know that they can get rather miserable at times. When people are living in a humid climate, there are many triggers for these things-dust mites, mold, mildew, and seasonal allergies. When people find that people are suffering a lot, a good dehumidifier can help in more ways than one.

Here is why people should consider NABAIDUN: a reliable dehumidifier that gets the job done without complications or hiccups.

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Powerful Dehumidifier Large Water Tank

The powerful NABAIDUN dehumidifier helps people effectively solve the summer humidity! Under the conditions of 86°F and 80% RH, NABAIDUN dehumidifier removes up to 50 pints (30 pint 2019 DOE standard) of moisture from the air per day. Maintaining a healthy 30%-90% humidity range has never been easier! It can be an ideal dehumidifier for large room!

Intelligent Dehumidifier with APP Remote Control

No more repeatedly leaving the bed or couch to adjust the dehumidifier! NABAIDUN dehumidifier provides the WIFI remote via APP that expands the limits of this dehumidifier, all functions can be remotely controlled. Users can easily control the dehumidifier while lying on the bed. It is really a good thing to liberate feet and great news for lazy people!

Elegant Dehumidifier with LED Touch Panel

All settings are intuitively displayed on the LED touch panel! The ambition of NABAIDUN is to develop the world’s most easy-to-use and efficient dehumidifier. Just by touching the LED panel, the dehumidifier will dehumidify continuously. There are laundry mode for instant drying and sleep mode with 45dB low noise, optional Fan Speed and Timer for users to set. The smart dehumidifier can also set a comfortable humidity automatically based on the current temperature. So easy!

More Surprise

Summer humidity is often accompanied by heat. It’s high time for people to have a cool and portable heat fighter – NABAIDUN portable air conditioners. NABAIDUN portable air conditioner will take people away from the hot summer.

Powerful NABAIDUN portable air conditioner with LED touch panel, remote control and washable filter will make people enjoy their cooling summer.

The compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner delivers fast, effective cooling for spaces up to 350 Sq.ft. in room, apartments, offices, and garage. 26 ft air supply allows people to enjoy coolness in every corner.

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With 12000 BTU/14000 BTU cooling capacity, NABAIDUN AC is enough to give people a cool room at a maximum of 500 sq. ft/550 sq. ft. As a new generation of portable air conditioners, NABAIDUN SMA PC-12/14 are also compatible with powerful dehumidification, smart timer, double-care filters, auto evaporation, and less noise, which provide everyone with more choices and convenience.

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