Contemporary Technology University (Contech) Announces the Commencement of Its Master’s Degree Programs in Data Science, AI & Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing in September 2021

Students can now apply for the next phase of the institution’s employability-focused master’s degree programs with three learning experience options and Study Now, Pay Later! funding opportunity

Palo Alto, California – Contemporary Technology University (Contech), a global educational institution of applied sciences, announces it has opened its doors to students in September 2021. They offer interested students to participate in their employability-focused master’s degree programs in the fields of Data Science, Digital Marketing, and AI & Machine Learning.

Each course is designed to help students learn, understand, and become proficient in modern technology that drives today’s business activities and creates new ideas for the future. Students are exposed to world-class tutoring and lessons delivered by seasoned professionals and professors committed to helping them acquire the skills that employers are looking for.

Commenting, Volkan Karabacak, The President of Contemporary Technology University (Contech), said: “Throughout our time teaching, we observed an ever-increasing skill gap in the tech industry. This was due to higher education institutions generally sticking to conventional teaching methods, and the graduates not coping with newer, more versatile technologies. This skill gap prompted us to open Contemporary Technology University. Our core mission is to provide our prospective students with the world’s leading master’s degrees in digital marketing and data science. That being said, equipping our students with the skills to solve complex problems brought about by modern technology is a main goal. We have dedicated ourselves to tailor competitive programs that instill the fundamentals of innovation.”

The digital age is already here, and it requires the expertise, experience, and creativity of data scientists to thrive, grow, and move to the next phase. When properly applied, it can help solve serious problems in health, poverty alleviation, education, resources and waste management, and so on. That’s why government agencies and top corporations are taking data science seriously and searching for employees to help them build and manage data processing platforms.

In Data Science, AI & Machine Learning programs, students will learn python foundations, tools and techniques for data science, data cleaning and manipulation, deep learning, analytics, and so on. Students in Digital Marketing program will learn advanced strategies in content marketing, social media and email marketing, SEO, video advertisement, etc. Contech master’s program is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students and tech and media industry professionals.

Contech students have the opportunity to choose from 3 different learning experiences. They can select the Nomad World Tour experience where they learn in four different cities, including Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and Singapore. The Hybrid learning experience offers students the opportunity to study online for 9 months and visit any city of their choice for physical lessons that will last for 3 months. There is also the 100% online learning option that includes workshops, 1-1 mentoring, and group case studies.

To help students reduce debt and financial risks, Contech University is introducing SNPL (Study Now, Pay Later) as a funding option. With this arrangement, students can commence on their academic path with a small fee upfront and pay the remainder of their tuition upon landing a high-paying job – until they do, they will not be obligated to pay.

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Contemporary Technology University (Contech) is a global educational institution of applied sciences, offering Masters’ Degree Programs in the fields of technology. With more than 15 years of existence, the team has helped to educate over 45,000 students. They provide students with a dynamic curriculum that increases employability and prepares them for a successful career.

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