How Nasho Dronjak, the President of Kon-Krete Redi Mix LTD., develops COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan

Kon-Krete Redi Mix Ltd. central dispatch is located in Concord, Ontario, with superior customer service. As the President of the company, NashoDronjak focuses on SAFETY FIRST policy on all jobs and ensures all employees comply with the health and safety act and strongly believe in the code of conduct. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, he is responsible for taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect his worker.

NashoDronjak ensures all jobs are done with all safety measures, big or small, by regularly reviewing and updating their safety plan. He guaranteed to have a COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan to understand the risks related to COVID-19 transmission in their workplace, especially that they are in a construction site. NashoDronjak developed control measures to prevent exposures, and he identified concrete actions to take to make Kon-Krete Redi Mix LTD workplace safer. In situations where one or more controls cannot be consistently maintained, it is especially important that other controls are in place that’s why NashoDronjak is very particular in implementing safety measures to control potential exposure to COVID-19. With an infectious disease like COVID-19, he implemented controls that can help to break the chain of transmission of the virus such as screening that helps to keep people who may be infectious out of the workplace, maintaining physical distance that reduces the chance of being exposed to respiratory droplets of all sizes particularly that they are in a construction industry and good ventilation and wearing masks that can help reduce the amount of virus in an indoor space sites. As the President of the Kon-Krete Redi Mix LTD. declared, they will deliver their product with punctuality and within budget. Not only will the customers be taken good care of and receive a quality performance, but the employees and workers as well.

The President finds the best solutions for this situation and adapts to any changes. As advised by public health officials, physical distancing is essential for controlling the spread of COVID-19. They might need to reduce the number of people on job sites and in specific areas within the site so everyone can maintain appropriate physical distancing. In compliance with this, NashoDronjak organized a plan by limiting the number of people. Rescheduling any unnecessary visits to the workplace by supply chain partners, vendors, or others who don’t need to be there can limit the number of workers without affecting the quality of their work. As the saying goes, ‘Communication is the key”, NashoDronjak made sure that his communication with his workers and employees is active. He highly encouraged his workers to a physical distancing protocol and ensured that everyone knows the capacity limits for the spaces they are using. NashoDronjak ensures that the construction projects have adequate facilities and they are adequately serviced and sanitized and he give notice to workers on the dangers to health and safety and the hazards, health risks and infectious diseases associated with poor hand hygiene and poor sanitation of toilet facilities.

The President is specific in conducting work area inspections to verify workers are practicing the protocols. NashoDronjak communicates to the workers that they should notify the supervisor of any concerns about practices or procedures that may affect physical distancing and they are aware that they must follow safe practices and good personal hygiene and report any unsafe condition to their employer.Indoor or outdoor sites, signage to reinforce their policies and control measures is essential as NashoDronjak wants to ensure that everyone in the workplace is reminded of every health measure and protocol given.

NashoDronjak sees a workplace safety plan as a necessity in the company. That is why he ensures that all workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19 by providing clear information and instruction to his workers and employees. He expects that everyone knows what they need to do to protect themselves and others. NashoDronjak ensures that the workers know how to follow their plan’s work and hygiene practices, including all new safety measures. All constructors and employers should consider using source control masking combined with other control measures as much as possible. Wearing a mask as source control is required by law in many Ontario workplaces.

In regards with that, NashoDronjak has already a plan of action on how to manage a potential case of, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19at the workplace such as excluding the worker from the workplace and calling out the attention of the local public health unit for them to identify the close contacts of the worker and to determine when a workplace outbreak has occurred.Also, within Ontario’s construction industry, occupational diseases have caused the deaths of more workers or former workers in the past 10 years than traumatic occupational injuries. Employers in the industry, like NashoDronjak, is required to take every reasonable precaution in the circumstances for the protection of a worker.It is the responsibility of constructors, suppliers of equipment, employers and supervisors to ensure that all workplace parties comply with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in order to protect workers from hazards in the workplace. Being the President of the company, NashoDronjak is very attentive in observing the health protocols, including the protection of workers from infectious diseases due to inadequate sanitation on construction projects.He is aware on the most current local and provincial requirements applicable to construction. That is what the President of the Kon-Krete Redi Mix LTD company, NashoDronjak, is concentrated and focused on. He believes that employees are the most valuable asset and the company’s backbone.

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